Movie Review: ‘Barbershop-The Next Cut’

Alex Palmieri – General Assignment Reporter

“Barbershop: The Next Cut” was released late last month with plenty of positive reviews from its sceptics. With another comedy hitting the theaters from the premiere sequel, this film had a lot of thrill to critics who saw the film.

This film is a comedy that is the third movie of the Barbershop film series. With plenty of big time actors such as Ice Cube, Anthony Anderson, Common and Nicki Minaj, this film served to be something major to the movie world.

“Barbershop: The Next Cut” is about Calvin, Eddie and friends needing to work together to save the barber shop and their neighborhood from other gang-related members that roam the streets. It is a comical movie with plenty of excitement that will keep the audience on their feet and entertained the entire time.

Quiara Outing, freshman social work major, said she thought the previous movies were better than this film. Though this was the case, Outing said this movie still kept her laughing and entertained enough to enjoy the film from start to finish.

“Even though I think the first couple films were better than this one,” said Outing, “this movie was still very funny. It was a funny movie plot and I wouldn’t hesitate to see it again.”

Outing said the movie was funny because the barber shop was trying to get away from gang members. In their attempt to do so, there were plenty of comical scenes that played into the film.

“When they tell jokes inside of the barber shop it was really funny,” said Outing. “It was good and I think all the characters did a fairly good job as well.”

This film has done pretty well for its first few weeks in theaters, generating over $20 million in the first two weeks. “Barbershop: The Next Cut” has also received a 92 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. With decent success this film has generated, Julia Nicsaji, junior psychology major, said it was one of the funniest movies she has seen in years.

“This movie is for all audiences,” said Nicsaji. “I saw it with my boyfriend; it is for people of all ages as well. It was hilarious.”

Ice Cube plays the role of Calvin, the main character, who makes the majority of the movie funny and entertaining. Nicsaji said her favorite part was when Calvin sticks up for his son to make sure he does not become gang-affiliated.

“Ice Cube playing Calvin is good because he is a good mature dad,” said Nicsaji. “I like his role in the character he plays. It was very entertaining.”

Jack Homza, junior political science major, said he felt the film could have been a little better. Though this was the case, Homza said there were a lot of parts that had him laughing.

“It was okay to me,” said Homza. “I would see it again; it was still very funny to me.”

Homza said if there was another Barbershop movie, he would not hesitate to see it. The film was roughly 2 hours but Homza said it flew by with constant laughable scenes. He added the movie was one of the best of the year so far.

“I’d say it’s a better movie than others out there,” said Homza. “It’s a movie for everyone. You’ll enjoy it.”

Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi


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