Opinions on the new Instagram update

Clark Herring – Special to the Southern News

In a world that is constantly updating faster than we can possibly understand it, there is one new update in the world of social media that many are struggling to understand.

The popular photography and video sharing app Instagram, recently has been under fire for their newest software update which defies it’s traditional process.

Usually on Instagram, you can view photos/videos that your friends posted by their chronological order, much like the structure of any other social media. However, the newest change now makes it so that you won’t exactly see your friends’ photos, but rather it will show photos and media relevant to your interests and likes.

So if you’ve ever searched for hashtags that involved “fishing,” expect to see a horde of photos with fishing or fishing-like things in them placed in below that photo of your friend’s ice cream but just above your other friend’s beach day.

Needless to say, people are outraged. The ability to see your friend’s photos at ease seems like a thing of the past for many users of the app.

“I think the people over at Instagram are just idiots” said Bradley Whitmore. “I have terrible OCD and I need things to be in order. This new update makes it impossible to just see your friends photos, and the people I’m not actually friends with are all I see.”

Whitmore said the new update is completely unnecessary, and believes that they could have changed their structure to make something a little better.

One of the biggest inconveniences of this new update is that you can be notified every time someone posts a new photo. Imagine having your best friend text you and tell you that they’re going to post a picture on Instagram, every time they post a picture.

Joe Freer, who uses Instagram to follow the members of his favorite bands, feels annoyed by the amount of notifications and mismatched stream of photos.

“It’s like, if I want to see what they’re doing, then I have to go through seeing what other people are doing and that really is annoying” he said. “I just want to know what food Travis Barker is eating at exactly 1 o’clock, is that too much to ask for?.”

Although many students are experiencing trouble with the new update others are still using it without pause.

“I haven’t personally experienced any trouble with it and I’m able to look at my friends photos still,” said Gina Holmes.

Perhaps Instagram may be experiencing in a bug within their system, whatever the case may be, people are not satisfied. And with this new update causing such uproar, will we see a steady decline in Instagram use?

If people are still interested in getting the chance to see a Kim Kardashian selfie, or follow sports news, then maybe not. Of course, those who cannot deal with the frenzy of photo portals may want to leave the app alone.

Photo Credit: Jason Howie


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