Album Review: Say Anything’s “I Don’t Think It Is”

Jessica Pellegrino – General Assignment Reporter

Without any prior warning or marketing, “Say Anything” released their seventh full-length studio album, called “I Don’t Think It Is.”

The follow-up to “Hebrews” was available for streaming through the Equal Vision Record’s Youtube channel. Later that afternoon, the band released the quality MP3s through iTunes for purchase and Spotify and Apple Music for streaming purposes.

The band’s previous release, “Hebrews,” could be considered a successful album. The personal lyrical style of frontman Max Bemis, shone through with “Hebrews,” and the album’s success led to a headlining tour to promote the album.

The thing about releasing a surprise album is they are shoving a whole piece of cake in a listener’s mouth before they have even had a chance to taste the frosting. There is something to be said about promoting an album, including releasing single tracks and interviewing about the album before it is released. Listeners can begin to form an opinion before they are bombarded with a full length album.

The last two releases from the band have not gone well, to put it lightly. “Anarchy, My Dear” was overwhelmingly badly received by listeners, despite months of promoting it. “Hebrews” was slightly more successful, yet each review of the album still boasted its the best to be seen from the band. The hasty release makes me wonder if Bemis and the band were just fed up with the disappointment, and released the album without a peep.

The last two “Say Anything” albums did not stay true to the sound the band started with. Not to say that bands cannot grow, and change their sounds, but it this case, if it is not broke, don’t fix it. I feel that “I Don’t Think It Is” rectifies this problem for me. The band’s signature “slow-to-fast” pattern is back and more authentic than ever before.

That is one thing I can’t definitively say about this album. It is remnant of the old Say Anything ideal of authentic and honest lyrics. Bemis seems to have finally gotten his head clear for “I Don’t Think It Is.”

Photo Credit: Nicole Kibert


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