Movie Review: ‘Deadpool’

Max Bickley – General Assignment Reporter

For the movie featuring the Merc with a Mouth, there are not enough words to describe the hilarity, action, and energy. This week, the long awaited “Deadpool” hit theaters hard, and brought with it a whole new level and brand of superhero movie.

“Deadpool,” for those who may not know, is an origin movie starring Ryan Reynolds about the legendary comic book antihero Deadpool. Like most comic heroes Deadpool has an assortment of abilities such as: near immortality, extreme reflexes and weapon expertise unlike any soldier.

Deadpool is unlike most superheroes as he has no issues killing people, making crude jokes, and has the ability to break through the fourth wall and directly interact with the audience. The movie is an adaptation of his origin stories and follows him on the hunt for the man who cursed him to be immortal.

The movie is one of the best adaptations of a comic book hero in a long time. This is due to the fact on how perfect they capture the spirit of the books and the character. Deadpool as a character is manic and always cracking jokes, while pulling insane stunts and the movie delivers all that. No punches are held, any and all jokes are made and Ryan Reynolds delivers it all. There is a point in the movie where, when going to the X-Men academy Deadpool says, “I wonder why with a house this big, I only see two of you. It’s like the studio couldn’t afford any more X-Men.”

This level of humor and writing is also what makes the movie. Every joke is on point and does not miss a note, as well there are so many comic references to other movies and even the trailers.

The acting from other characters like the paragon Colossus always trying to reform Deadpool, or the angsty Negasonic Teen Warhead, just add to the layers in this movie. Moments when Colossus tries to reform Deadpool by teaching him the “good and honorable” way and Deadpool completely disregarding it only makes the character come more alive.

Being a comic movie, there is some solid action expected. The combat scenes in the film are well done, sprinkled in with some funny moments. However, the odd thing about the movie is there is a lot of swordplay from Deadpool against people with guns. And while fun to watch, it takes away from the character as Deadpool is known for using everything from pea shooters to rocket launchers to take out his enemies.

Speaking of enemies, the two antagonists of the film Ajax and Angel, are good villains. They fit within the X-men stereotype of villains, either people wanting to abuse mutants or mutants willing to take radical measure to free mutants, so they do a good job. Angel doesn’t have many lines but is a super strong woman who can go toe to toe with the eight foot metal Colossus. Ajax is a superb hand-to-hand fighter who has a razor sharp wit. There are not many interactions with them in the movie and there is not too much detail on their relationship, but it does act as the perfect foil for Deadpool’s anger and jokes.

In regards to the soundtrack, there are some hits and misses. Of course there is background music in fighting scenes, simple instrumentals, and those are the misses. The big hits are the songs which Deadpool will sing to, cue in the movie, and all around just enjoy as if he were in the audience listening to them. It is a soundtrack right underneath that of “Guardians of the Galaxy”, because of the fact that they are memorable and  have that connection.

“Deadpool” is a riot. It’s funny, clever, and will have audiences clamoring for more. It is one of those movies which a single quote will either leave you laughing like mad or remembering whole scenes. Worth a watch for any fans, or people in general looking for a good movie.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore


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