Women’s soccer players named Third-Team All-Conference by NE-10

HEADER: Vicky Conde (right) one of three named Third-Team All-Conference

Philip Zoppi – General Assignment Reporter

Caroline Staudle, Victoria Conde, and Marissa Pearson of the Southern women’s soccer team have been named Third-Team All-Conference by the Northeast-10.

After being selected Third-Team All Conference, the three players all had the same reaction to it– that it’s a great honor.

Conde, the leading point getter for the Owls’, was ecstatic when she found out the news.

“Not a lot of people get this award, so it was really meaningful to me,” said Conde. “When I was talking to coaches in the spring they felt like I could score more goals and I really believed them.”

Conde came from Spain to come play soccer at Southern and she said she doesn’t regret the decision at all. Southern is happy to have her as she’s turned into one of their best players.

Goals were a big part of not only Conde’s game but Staudle’s as well. Conde and Staudle tied for the most goals on the team with seven. Even though they get most of the chances because they’re forwards it’s still very impressive. Staudle attributes her success to a couple different things.

“It’s just the work I put in during the season and the offseason,” said Staudle. “My teammates are always setting me up. Vicky did awesome all year setting me up.”

Staudle and Conde were a big part of any success that the Owls’ had this year as they accounted for more than half of the team’s total goals.

To be an all around good team you need defense, too. That’s where Pearson was such a key for the Owls’. Not only did Pearson play great defense for the team but as a senior she helped lead the team.

“I wasn’t focused on earning any awards to be honest. The main objective for my team and I are to win games. I would’ve traded that honor in any day if it meant my team could  have went farther in the tournament,” said Pearson.

Even though the team had a lot of good individual performers they only managed to go 6-10-1. Staudle thought some of the struggles was due to the team losing a lot of seniors last year.

The good news for the Owls’ is they will only lose three seniors this year. One of seniors leaving will be Pearson but she feels good about how the team is going to look without her.

“I’m confident that there are individuals who have the ability to step up as great leaders,” said Pearson. “They have a chance to make an impact on the program as well as the current leaders that are in place.”

Staudle is one of those leaders the team will be counting on going into next year. Staudle has said she’s been working on taking a bigger leadership role for the team because she knows they’re really going to need her as she enters her senior year.

“I’m more of a leader by example but I’ve definitely been trying to be more of a vocal leader this year and I’ll need to be especially next year.”

Staudle, Conde, and Pearson formed a solid core for Southern’s team this year. Being named Third-Team All-Conference had a lot more to do with just their skill, though. Their hard work and leadership really led the way.

Photo Credit: Tyler Korponai – Photo Editor 


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