Faculty art presented at Buley art gallery

Max Bickley – General Assignment Reporter

The gallery opened Wednesday afternoon, presenting pieces of art done by faculty from Southern. The types of art ranged in variety from landscape portraits, to sculptures, to photography and pop-art.

“Art matters,” said Dean Breese at the gallery opening. “Art makes a difference in our lives and the ability to appreciate its beauty is something which can never be replaced.”

Many of these portraits were parts in series by the faculty members, and one of the notable pieces, in regards to recent events, was a series of sculptures done by Professor Vaters-Carr.

The sculptures themselves were wooden, but the largest of the three sculptures was entitled, “Disarm” and held the appearance of a broken apart revolver. In talking about the sculpture, Professor Vaters-Carr noted her inspiration drew from her own experiences.

“It’s called ‘Disarm’, but really I got my inspiration from a place of self-protection and defense,” said Vaters-Carr. “I had some medical issues, and after going through it I drew from that place of healing and defense. In today’s news, there has been serious issues with gun violence, so the idea of self-protection in a weapon which, with pieces missing like in the sculpture, becomes nothing more than a thing or toy.”

With such a statement regarding recent events where there have been shootings on school campuses, Vaters-Carr also noted an irony in the name.

“The name of ‘Disarm’ for this piece really focuses on the idea behind the audience,” said Vaters-Carr. “One has to, in a way, disarm themselves and their ideas when approaching the piece because in some ways it looks just like a gun, but its splintered apart and is almost like a bust from other sides.”

Beyond the actual paintings the gallery itself was packed with students from differing art classes, and students who just wished to view the art itself. One such student, freshman Pete Ott, took his afternoon to take a look at the different work of the professors.

“I think it is really cool that Southern is doing this,” Ott said, “Especially since it’s professor’s art, I think students will be able to appreciate both the art and their professors more. If I had to pick which one I think I like the best, I would have to say “Twin August Caesars” because it’s so different than the other art.”

Along with the students and the faculty examining the arts presented, there was also President Papazian, who helped with the opening of the gallery and spoke on it.

“It really is a fantastic opening and gallery for Southern. Not only is it open to the students and faculty, but also to the public to view our faculty’s art,” said President Papazian, “Our faculty did a marvelous job, and I know that we have cycles planned for shows.”

In regards to what shows are to be expected in the art gallery, Dean Breese discussed the schedule laid out for the coming years.

“What we are doing this year is a test, to see how in the short run it will work,” said Breese, “We plan on having a couple of more shows in the spring, and in the fall three shows. What we want to do is see how the gallery works this first year so we can plan ahead for future years and we will include, eventually, student work and travelling exhibits.”

Photo Credit: Tyler Korponai – Photo Editor 

HEADER PHOTO: (Left to right) Luanne Eminger, senior and former teacher, Caitlin Hansen, physics major and Paul Klaucke, physics major.


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