Southern’s Unsung Hero: Jeremy Chandler

Cristina D’Almeida – Copy Editor 

Courses in Photography are available to students ranging from introductory classes in Digital Photography to Advanced Photography and Film, according to Photography professor, Jeremy Chandler.

Chandler has been teaching Photography at Southern for four years and has been teaching in general for a total of 10 years. He is originally from Florida, where he earned his undergraduate degree in Creative Photography at the University of Florida. He then received his MFA in Studio Art from the University of South Florida. He now teaches a wide variety of Photography courses here in Southern’s Art department while still doing outside photography and documentary projects.

“I teach all different levels,” said Chandler. “Introductory levels are kind of meant to get students turned on to Photography.”

Chandler said students are able to understand a whole different side of themselves that they didn’t realize before. They become more sophisticated viewers in introductory courses of Photography. Advanced courses allow students to learn more about their own work and style.

“After taking one of my courses, I want students to be able to go to a museum and know and appreciate what they’re looking at,” he said.

Chandler was originally a Building Construction major in college. It wasn’t until he took a trip with his friends and started taking some pictures that he really became interested in photography. He began doing it on the side then eventually became an art major.

“I learned that I can pull things from my own interest into my photography,” he said. “I also had some really great teachers who helped me a lot.”

A lot of Chandler’s work in photography is influenced by “place,”  the setting and connection with what he is taking pictures of. Some of his photos revolve around hunting and nature. He also has a background in documentary work.

“I like to go back home to Florida to take some pictures. I lived in a really rural area and I’m just connected with memories there which is great for pictures. Since moving to Connecticut, you now may find things like snow in my pictures which you wouldn’t have found before,” said Chandler.

Art department chairman David Levine said Chandler contributes greatly to the department.

“One thing that makes him so valuable is that he is the one person who is responsible for photography in our department,” said Levine.

Levine said that he has changed their direction of photography in the sense that he has moved things towards the digital era. The department was using a lot of film before Chandler came to Southern.

“He is also very much present with his students. He is always available to them,” said Levine.

He added that Chandler always participates in all faculty work and is very much active in the department, which he is very grateful for.

Chandler introduced three photography pieces in the faculty art gallery that opened on Oct. 21. This is the first faculty exhibition he’s seen at Southern, designed for everyone to view the art faculty’s work.

Chandler said each of his pieces were narratives and large format photographs. Each photo was staged and were Archival Inkjet Print pieces. The gallery is still available for students and faculty to visit in the basement of the Buley library.

“I think I’m still getting turned on to art,” said Chandler, “And I’m always learning more.”

Photo Credit: Cristina D’Almeida – Copy Editor 


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