Student-athletes and adjusting as transfers

Edgar Ayala – Sports Writer

Transferring from one school to another can be a difficult situation for any student-athlete. The athlete has to be willing to resettle into a new environment with a new team and new players.

Southern’s student-athletes share the experiences they had to encounter upon making the decision to transfer.  

Donald Thomas, junior on the football team, said Southern is his third school he has transferred to. He attended Marist College his freshman year, took a year off then attended Monroe College for three semesters, then finally found his way to Southern.  

“It’s hard adjusting into a new place with new people and a new program,” said Thomas. “Every school I’ve been to has their own traditions, and own type of people and professors.”

“I’ve learned that if you come in and work hard, show you are there to win and succeed academically, people will welcome you with open arms and cheer for you to become a leader in the program.”  

According to a report from the National Association for College Admission Counseling, a third of students transfer into a different college or university. Those students either transfer from community colleges or seek to move on from one four-year college to another.

Thomas has done it three times, making it even harder for him to settle down. Thomas added that there was one former Owl that made him feel more at home upon arriving to SCSU: current Dallas Cowboys’ player Carlif Taylor.  

“A high school teammate of mine really pushed for me to come here, Carlif Taylor. He played a big role in my decision, introducing and showing me the ropes for how to be a success at Southern Connecticut,” said Thomas.  

Taylor, a defensive tackle, signed with the Cowboys on Aug. 21. Even though in the offseason, the New York Giants had originally signed the undrafted free agent, but he later signed with “America’s Team.”

Louis Greenway-Tambini is another transfer student that has been tearing it up for the men’s soccer team. The sophomore transferred over from Southern’s cross-town rival, the University of New Haven.  

Greenway-Tambini, originally from Nottingham, England, said Coach Tom Lang was a big reason behind joining the Owls. He added that even though he came here from England, it wasn’t all too bad.  

“Since I already had a year here from UNH, there was familiar surroundings, so it wasn’t too bad,” he said. “The team is really cool, everyone gets along well, so they really helped me settle into a new environment.”

Coach Lang is very grateful to have a player that transferred over who immediately made an impact on the team. Greenway-Tambini has managed to score seven goals in his first nine games as an Owl.  

“He’s a very good coach,” Greenway-Tambini said. “Tactically he’s very good, he gives good team analyses and scouting reports on our opponents, so we know what to expect. He’s just very organized and professional.”

According to Thomas, it’s tough being a transfer student. Certainly the thought of coming into a different environment can be overwhelming, but it’s what the student-athlete makes of it that is most important.  

“My time here has been great,” said Thomas. “I have met some great people and have great friends and coach. I just really appreciate being here and grateful for the opportunities in front of me.”

Photo Credit: Kari


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