Causemic bowling brings fun for a good cause

Maxine Minalga – Special to Southern News

Outside Neff Hall was quiet on Wednesday, Sept. 16 as residential advisor Jen Raffile, a senior, set up the perfect form of entertainment for a good cause: Causemic Bowling. Raffile had the idea of doing this event in order to help benefit the Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen, located in downtown New Haven.

What makes this event unique is how she incorporated helping the soup kitchen into her game. Before the students could take their turn trying to knock down the water bottle pins filled with glow sticks using basketballs, they had to do something special.

“Everyone that plays has to donate two canned goods or non-perishable foods” Raffile said as she placed another glow stick on the pavement to create the second lane. “After the students participate, I’m handing them these red paper slips. These slips contain hunger statistics around Connecticut, and in America in general.”

Music and bright lights drew in the crowd, and Raffile’s event was becoming very attractive to students walking to their dorm buildings and around the quad.

The first eager participant was freshman Sydney Sutcliffe, who was making her rounds handing out candy to be voted for vice president of Neff. Sutcliffe donated her food and was ready to take on the lanes.

“I’m having a great time,” said Sutcliffe. “I love how Jen decided to use glow sticks for this event. The illumination is really cool.”

More and more people came to help support Jen and her cause, including Lisa Drogene, a senior.

“This is a really fun event. It’s very creative and I really wanted to support Jen, said Drogene. “I think it was smart that in order to participate in the game, you had to donate first. The lighting also makes the event more attractive.”

Two other participants, Margo and Mia, both freshman, agreed that it was a fun and educational opportunity.

Overall, the event was a success. Raffile had various donations to contribute to the soup kitchen and many students left with smiles on their faces, even if their bowling skills weren’t “striking.”

Photo Credit: Tyler Korponai – Photo Editor


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