Southern’s Unsung hero: Carolyn Carrington

Monica Zielinski – Managing Editor

With the door wide open, the sound of piano notes and voice lessons seeps into the office throughout the work day. Some may consider it noise, but to Carolyn Carrington, it’s music to her ears.

The Department of Music and Theatre Department secretary has worked at Southern for nearly 20 years. After holding other various positions at the university, Carrington thought the Department of Music would be “an excellent place.”

She has been the Department of Music secretary for two years and took on the position as Theatre Department secretary this semester.  

“People enjoy music during happy times, sad times, and good times. In theater, they all kind of come together,” said Carrington.

Since taking on the role of Theater Department secretary, she said she’s had the chance to see what goes on behind the scenes.

“I think in the performing arts, in music, people are very engaged. They’re happy. I think with music and acting, it’s an opportunity for expression. You can kind of express yourself,” she said.

Both departments have performances throughout the year and Carrington said she hopes more students and faculty would go to the various productions because she thinks people will really enjoy them.

In addition to its fall concert, the University Choir is preparing to travel to Athens, Greece in December and Carrington is highly involved in the trip planning.

“I’m just so excited. The itinerary is excellent so I’m really looking forward to seeing that happen,” said Carrington.

Sue Horvath, a private lessons coordinator at the department, said Carrington has a “very upbeat personality.” She said when Carrington first started at the department two years ago, she made some changes of her own.

“She came in and brought some plants and flowers and really perked up the place,” said Horvath. It was very drab and she wanted to make it prettier and I told her that she should be an interior decorator. She loves to do that—making everything look pretty. She did the boards and it looks better. She makes things very festive here.”

In her free time, the Ansonia native said she likes to read and go shopping, but also enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and family. She’s the youngest of a large family and said she’s very family oriented.

Carrington said she likes to listen to all kinds of music—from classical and gospel to R&B and sings in her church choir but said, “other than that, I do the talking, not the singing.”

Photo Credit: Monica Zielinski – Managing Editor


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