Students share opinions on “Black Lives Matter” and “All Lives Matter” campaigns

Max Bickley – General Assignment Reporter

In recent years, race has always been a serious issue within the country. From Trayvon Martin to Mike Brown, the call for social equality and the heavy avocation for justice for the tragedies of the past years has led to what has been known as the Black Lives Matter campaign. This is a campaign which cries out against what it sees as the serious police brutality in the United States against its African-American citizens. In this past year alone there has been a rise in the movement as it has grown heavily especially with the media attention it has received.

As college students, we collectively have grown in the media age, and are able to get all sources of information regarding a matter, and through learning, hearing, and sometimes even experience something such as this we grow to have our own thoughts and opinions on the matter. This issue also hits close to home, as many students who were here last year might remember the mark and protest held on the school grounds following the verdict of the Ferguson trial.

That being said, a few Southern students were asked: what is your opinion of the Black lives matter campaign, and do you believe it is effective in its cause? The first student spoken with, Julia Zeidler, a senior and Art major had this to say. “I do not believe you should ask me my thoughts. Firstly, I am white and the issue itself does not affect me the way it does the black people in this country. Is there serious racism in this country? Absolutely, and it is something which needs to be dealt with, but I am not the person to ask because I have no experience with it.”

The next student I spoke to, Tory Davidson, a junior, had definitely strong feelings regarding the matter at hand. “Black lives matter. They truly do, and the people across the nation advocating for the brutality to end are doing good work. I will admit there are times when they go too far like at the Bernie rally, but all in all there is a serious racism issue. Eric Ganrer, Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, all of their deaths were the result of police brutality, and look what’s happened to the men who shot them.”

The last student spoken to was Ivan Meyerovich, a senior and computer science major, who a very powerful message regarding the campaign. “The campaign is certainly necessary. As for going too far, generally, no they do not. As with any movement the vocal and counterproductive minority has arisen within BLM and they do take things too far as to be expected. And therein I feel is the problem, if the movement fails, it won’t be because those organizing BLM do something wrong, it will be because the media would rather listen to the vocal moron and cover the riot, instead of listening to the many reasonable voices and observing the many peaceful protests.”

The last question asked to both Tory Davidson and Ivan Meyerovich was about the counter-campaign: All Lives Matter. The premise of that campaign is that not only black lives matter, but all do and focusing on one alone won’t solve the problem.

Ivan Meyerovich stated that, “Yes all lives matter, though I find that argument tastes a bit too similar to “If there is a gay pride, why isn’t there a straight pride!” Also, the statistics do show that the Black community is disproportionately affected by police misconduct.”

And to close it out, Tory said, “Of course all lives matter, but if you look historically, not just within the past five years, black people in this country have been demonized by police. A white man robs a store it’s a minor event, a black man robs a store and there is a full story on CNN and shots fired.”

Photo Credit: Staff Photo


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