Digital Production Club brings filmmakers together

Dylan Haviland – General Assignment Reporter 

It is a film that explores both the present and the future. The plot revolves around two college students and a life changing experience as one realizes that they had a past life. Over the course of the short film flashbacks from the 1700s come to the student, bringing the audience back in time. The short film is credited to the students that work in front of the camera and behind the scenes.

David Trapasso, senior and communications major with a concentration in video audio production had been working on the narrative film with several students, one of the projects in the Digital Production Club.

The Digital Production Club focuses on providing a professional filmmaking experience to students who have a passion for film or wish to gain experience in the field.

Starting from a collection of students with a love of movies, the new club seeks to bring in students and let the campus know their mission of producing quality work.

“We are trying to give everyone a voice,” said Connor Etter, senior and communications. “Everyone who is either a video production concentration major or even if you’re not in a video department and want to make something, we’ll do it together because we like making films.”

Members are active in organizing events on campus to introduce the club to the university.

One of the approaches the Digital Production has taken to introduce their work is renting out the campus theater for screenings of popular films.  There they plan on showcasing their one to two minute films as previews, to give students an idea of what can be accomplished.   Other events involve a more elaborate and interactive environment for the students.

“One of the main recruiting things we are doing this year to get members is taking a green screen when it gets warm out and film students outside, it[Greenscreen] places them in a movie,” said Etter.  “For example, we can take the scene if you’ve seen “Batman the Dark Knight” where Harvey Dent is arguing with Batman, we can take a student then put them on the greens screen and have them say what Harvey Dent is saying.”

A priority of the club is bringing in students not only in communications but those who are active in other majors. Trapasso encouraged recruiting students from several departments such as the theater, English and computer tech.

“We are not just looking for people who know how to use a camera but people who know how to act, how to build, use special effects and makeup,” said Trapasso.

The club offers hands on experience for those who wish to go into the filmmaking process in the future.  The field work offered is a chance to use equipment amongst an environment of peers.  In addition students can help create videos that can go with other clubs, members try to cooperate with other student bodies to create digital productions.

“I want the incoming freshman to see we have a club like this and join, I want to see the students who heard about us this semester to join next semester as well because a lot of us that started this are seniors and are graduating this spring,” said Trapasso.

Over the course of the semester the Digital Production Club plans to continue producing one to two minute films that focus on plot and technique.  Members are active in the production of the narrative film, along with an experimental film and a production on the three judges: Dixwell, Goffe and Whalley that became a landmark to the New Haven area.


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