SPOOF: Senior class trip relocated to historic Williamsburg

Monica ZielinskiOnline Editor 

Southern’s seniors won’t be soaking up the sun on Virginia Beach this May. Due to a change in plans, the class of 2015 officers announced the location of the senior class trip is Williamsburg, VA.

For someone who was looking forward to tossing around a football and relaxing after the excitement of graduation winding down, Ben Greene said he’s less than thrilled to hear the senior class trip was relocated.

“Wow,” said Greene, “I can’t believe they made that change. When I pictured my senior trip, I thought I’d be hanging out on the beach, not walking around, looking at old buildings all day. I don’t know what they were thinking.”

The class president said the decision to change the location was financially driven. She said class trips in the past were quite expensive and many students were unable to afford it. Last year’s trip to Aruba cost over $600 per student for one week.

“We conducted surveys in the fall,” said President Sam Evans, “and many students were concerned about the cost of the trip. We looked for a place that’s affordable and originally, we found a hotel in Virginia Beach that was reasonably priced, but there’s not enough room for the number of students who want to attend the trip.”

Evans said the class officers had two options: make reservations at a more expensive hotel or change locations of the trip. Seaside hotels with sufficient room availability cost double the price, and Evans said she wanted to keep the individual out-of-pocket expense per student to a maximum $300. She said the only choice was to look for another location to stay under budget.

The class officers hosted fundraisers during the semester to help cover costs of the trip per student, but Evans said it wasn’t enough to cover all the expenses.

Despite the change in scenery, some seniors are remaining optimistic and plan to attend the trip regardless of the location.

Senior nursing student Kathy Dawson said she wants to enjoy the time she has with friends before they go their separate ways to graduate school and into the workforce.

“This is our last trip together as SCSU college students,” said Dawson. “I want to make the best of it, whether it’s at the beach or not. No matter where we go, I know we’ll have memories that will last a lifetime.”6544787773_e3919cb60e_z

American history professor, Timothy Swanson, said Williamsburg has a rich history and it’s an enjoyable vacation spot year-round.

“When you set foot in Colonial Williamsburg, you feel like you’ve been transported to another time,” said Swanson. “You can learn a lot about our nation’s history by walking down the dirt roads and talking to the actors at the gun magazine or seeing a blacksmith at work.”

According to the Williamsburg visitor’s website, points of interest also include Busch Gardens, the amusement park, Yorktown Battlefield, and historic Jamestowne and Yorktown. The historical sites schedule live re-enactments throughout the day and visitors can purchase homemade products from shops in the market squares.

Swanson said Williamsburg may not have the nightlife and boardwalk Virginia Beach has, but seniors should be reassured that there’s plenty to see and do.

Class President Evans said she hopes seniors will consider this unconventional senior class trip and think about how much money they’re saving, while still enjoying a five day vacation with friends.

“I know this isn’t what people were expecting,” said Evans, “but the class officers are working hard to ensure this trip is memorable for everyone. It’s not about where you are, it’s who you’re with that matters the most.”

This article was written for the April Fool’s Day issue. All information and sources are fictional. 

Photo Credit: praline3001Joe Ross


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