Column: NFL scandals from Ray Rice to Deflatgate

Aaron Johnson – Sports Editor 

The NFL has made this season one for the record books. Oh, not because of the players on the field. But it has been the player’s actions off the field that has been the most polarizing. When it comes down to it, 2014 will be remembered for everything from Ray Rice to Deflatgate and everything in between.

Although this season lacked the amount of great regular season games that fans have become accustomed to, the huge headlines had more than enough weight to make up for bad Sunday and Monday night games. This season saw everything from a raise in silly, obscure things like what is actually a “football move” or a catch in the NFL for that matter (sorry Cowboy fans if that’s still too early).

But also saw a raise in the awareness of domestic violence, something that has always been a tough social discussion. Despite grossly mishandling the subject so poorly it nearly cost Commissioner Roger Goddell his job when the Rice story broke, the NFL has come out in support of several domestic violence organizations to help continue to push for awareness. But more can always be done by a multi-billion dollar organization. But hey, guess it’s a nice start.

The 2014 season saw Aaron Rodgers dominate, J.J. Watt score on defense and offense, and saw Odell Beckham Jr break the internet with three fingers. This season is coming to an end and it is always bittersweet to see it come to a close. The NFL has become the new past time of the country and rightfully so.

Now on to this season’s final game, Super Bowl XLIX, complete with loud trash talking, Deflategate “scandal,” and all other pre-game glories one expects from a Super Bowl. Hopefully it will be a better game than last year, it should be. But when it comes down to it, defense wins championships and the Seattle Seahawks have something that the New England Patriots do not and that would be an amazing defense led by the “Legion of Boom.” Besides a Jet fan can’t root for that Brady guy.


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