Column: Lebron James sits out due to injuries

Bobby Martinez – Sports Writer 

Remember the decision a few years ago from LeBron James, a moment in his career where he regrets handling his free agency the wrong way? That can arguably be one of the hardest moments in his career outside of three NBA finals losses, right? Well, it isn’t according to the King himself.

James, who has been sidelined for several weeks due to a strain in his lower back and left knee, said prior to the Cleveland Cavaliers matchup against the Phoenix Suns, sitting out due to these types of injuries, is by far, the toughest moment of his professional career.

Without James in the lineup, the Cavaliers are a miserable 1-8, resulting into a 19-19 record. But taking a look at James play this season, he isn’t the same dominate player on both sides of the ball like we’re used to seeing.

Despite his stats of 25 points a game, 7.6 assists (more than Kyrie Irving 5.2) and 5.3 rebounds a game, James is playing as if he isn’t enjoying the game of basketball anymore. He isn’t running back on defense fast enough like we’re accustomed to seeing him do so well. James isn’t meshing well with Irving and Love as well.

However, I think the major issue is their head coach David Blatt. To me, he doesn’t seem vocal in the huddles during tough games. It’s more of the players listening to LeBron more than Blatt. I questioned the Cavaliers even signing him prior to them getting LeBron and I had a feeling he wasn’t going to help turn that franchise around.


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