Dogs make better boyfriends

Jess Pelligrino – General Assignment Reporter 

After a long day of classes or work, I love slipping into some sweatpants, making myself a cup of tea and sliding into bed with the love of my life for a peaceful night’s sleep.

He is skinny, kind of scruffy in the face and totally lovable. If you have not guessed by now, I’m not talking about a boyfriend. My significant other comes in a slightly smaller package. He is more of the short-haired Jack Russell Terrier variety.

Now, you are probably thinking exaggerated that first part for effect, but don’t fool yourself. I meant every single word. I like my dog more than I could ever like a boyfriend. In fact, I like him more than I like most people. Here is why.

Photo Credit: Natalie Barletta

Photo Credit: Natalie Barletta

Cuddling is all fun and games until you realize your body temperature is in the hundreds and there is a human being lying on you, ultimately causing your whole right side to go numb. If you move, you wake the other person. If you don’t, they are going to have to amputate your right leg. That is not the case with my dog. We can cuddle until I get too hot, then I just pick his little seven pound body up and put him on the floor. Easy peasy. No drama.

Maybe I am having a bad day and all I want to do is vent about how much I irrationally hate everyone. A significant other might wrongly think they have an opinion on the subject. Worst yet, they might feel like it is acceptable to share that opinion.  My dog is a really great listener. The best in fact. He lets me talk and talk for hours on end. He never complains that I am being unreasonable.

I like to make sure my significant other is well-dressed. Buying a sweater for a human can cost me fifty dollars or more, and they will likely still spill mustard on it while wearing it for the first time, ultimately ruining it. Doggy sweaters are twice as cute for half the price. Do you know what that means? Twice as many sweaters. The bonus is I get to dress my dog.

There is no better feeling in the world than being greeted at the door. When you leave in the morning, your dog does not know if you left for the afternoon or forever. They have no concept of time. I am pretty sure my dog thinks I leave for days on end. So when you roll through that door, they are all over you.

The fact that therapy dogs exist should clue you in on the fact that dogs are pretty much mini happiness monsters. They crave your love. Who else can that be said for? No one.

So next time you are feeling down about not having a significant other, don’t be. Just scoop up your little ball of fur and give them a cuddle. I promise you will feel better in a minute.

Photo Credit: Kshitij Shah



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