Best places to eat in New Haven

Jessica Pellegrino – General Assignment Reporter 

One of the best things about living in New Haven is the fact that we are the epicenter of the Connecticut food scene. Cultures from all around the world come to New Haven to present the city with their delicacies. Southern students can enjoy all types of food, for fair prices.

College students are always on a budget, but there are plenty of cheaper options. New Haven in particular is full of college students who need to save their extra cash for other reasons, so most restaurants cater to this fact with special menus or deals for students.

Best Falafel
My favorite restaurant in New Haven is Mamoun’s on Howe Street in New Haven. They have tons of options, but the best value is the falafel sandwich. For three dollars and some change, you get a pita stuffed with cucumbers, yogurt sauce, and falafel. Another perk is that Mamoun’s is open ridiculously late, until 3 a.m. Just be warned; Mamoun’s hot sauce should be consumed in extremely small doses.

Best Breakfast 
Another option for a student on a budget in Maison Mathis on Broadway. There’s nothing better on a Sunday morning than a nice bacon, egg and cheese. Maison Mathis offers a gourmet spin on the diner classic. Served on a crispy roll, Maison Mathis’s breakfast sandwiches truly embody their motto, “In Bread We Trust.” The sandwiches range from $3.50 to $5.00. Maison Mathis also serves

Best Noodles
Nothing is better on a cold day than a hot bowl of noodles. York Street Noodle House offers a full menu of fresh noodle dishes, soups, and bubble teas. Noodle House has vegetarian options, as well as options for meat eaters. My favorite are the spicy sriracha glass noodles. The dishes range from six to nine dollars, and the portions are very hearty.

Best Pizza
A New Haven staple, Pepe’s Pizza is always a great option. New Haven is the unofficial pizza capital of Connecticut. Pepe’s is a New Haven favorite. The pizza is delicious and well-priced so ever student can afford great pizza. Pepe’s has tons of topping options including vegetables, meats, and seafood. A fan favorite is the white, clam pie.

Best Food Truck
Great lunch options for an on-the-go student are food trucks. One of my favorite food trucks is the Ay Arepa! truck. Arepas are corn-meal pocket sandwiches, filled with Latin meats. They quick, tasty, and easily portable for the busy student. The sandwiches are about six dollars and generously sized. The food truck can usually be found across from Blue State Coffee on York Street.

Best Pastries 
For a day of hard studying, Book Trader Café offers pastries, muffins, and bagel for two dollars. However, the early bird gets the worm. By 10am, most of the pastries are gone. Other quiet places around New Haven include Blue State Coffee, Koffee?, and Mojo Café. All of these options have great coffee drinks and pastry selections.

Best Coffee
My favorite seasonal drink in the chaider from Blue State Coffee. It’s a mix of a chai tea and an apple cider. But, all of their coffee drinks are moderately priced and handmade to order, with your milk and sugar preferences.

Students have to budget their money, so eating out should not have to leave you broke. New Haven have tons of options for students, including lunch specials and on-the-go meals from food trucks. Explore downtown and find your favorite hidden gems. New Haven is central to good eats and good times.

Photo Credit: Monica Zielinski


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