LGBTQIA Prism and Active Minds host Jeopardy game to quiz students

Vivian EnglundCopy Editor 

Jeopardy is known as that televised trivia game with tedious music and questions that stump even the most prepared contestants. What about a Jeopardy game centered around two organizations on campus, LGBTQIA Prism and Active Minds?

The event took place on a rather gloomy Monday evening in the Adanti Student Center. The Jeopardy presentation was complete with the iconic music and flashy graphics. Guests were offered complimentary pizza and candy to accompany them during the friendly competition.

Close to 20 some odd students were in attendance to test their knowledge of six categories. Every participant was assigned a number that was called in sequential order. Numbers were called in groups of three in order to compete against one another.

The champion was determined by the two winners of previous rounds, facing off with one final question.

Each player had three rounds to win a prize of their choice- a mason jar full of glitter and liquid that conveniently said “Shake when feeling stressed,” a 10 dollar gift card to any local restaurant of the winner’s choosing and an Active Minds t-shirt.

Eleanor Higgins, vice president of Prism, said that the trivia questions relating to the LGBT community hold significant information to convey.

“Since it’s a collaborative event,” said Higgins, “questions will be revolving around mental health as well as LGBT history. Also, there will be questions that apply to everyone and the random questions are for fun.”

The six categories included: “Mental Health,” “Sexual Health,” “LGBT History and Icons,” “Southern Trivia,” “Campus Life” and a “Random” category.

Higgins also said that the format of trivia gives educating students a more fun way to convey the facts and information.

“We [Prism] wanted a fun way to educate people and get information to them [students]. Sexuality and gender are fluid and they don’t know that. That is why it’s important to educate,” said Higgins.

The “LGBT History and Icons” category asked questions such as, what one of the first LGBT movements was, the answer being the Stonewall riots in 1969. These types of trivia questions were asked to educate the audience, while giving useful facts.

Shockingly, though tricky, these history questions did not seem to stump too many participants. The “Random” category seemed to have the toughest questions of the bunch.

Senior and history major, Nicole Bairos, felt as though the historical questions were informative as well as challenging.

“I don’t think enough people are aware of basic mental health facts, as well as LGBT history,” said Bairos. “It is so nice to see two strong organizations coming together to educate the community here at Southern.”

The “Mental Health” questions entailed simple questions such as, what you could do to help someone who was exhibiting mental distress. Since the question was open-ended, it has multiple correct responses, one of them being referring them to necessary resources.

As for the collaboration of the two organizations, Melissa Volpe, vice president of Active Minds, said that both organizations share a similar goal—to educate Southern’s campus.

“There was really no inspiration for this event,” said Volpe. “We [Active Minds] just saw it as a great opportunity to collaborate with another club on campus that represents acceptance and change in society.”

Photo Credit: Archibald Jude 


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