Volleyball team loses to Concordia University 0-3

Tyler KorponaiSpecial to The Southern News

At a home game, Southern’s volleyball team lost to Concordia University 0-3 on Monday.

As the difficulties of finding team dynamics became transparent, the Owls never really were able to find a rhythm. The game was difficult for the young team as they struggled to find their footing and keep consistent pressure on Concordia. The consensus from both players and coach alike was that the team needed to perform better and connect with one another.

volleyball 2Southern struggled to find a stride and reduce the number of mistakes being made during the course of the game.

Head Coach Lisa Barbaro stressed that for the future, the team should focus on moving forward.

“It’s a very young group and they have a long way to go to get to the point I think they want to be and I want them to be,” said Barbaro. “We’re just going to keep practicing and keep pushing ahead.”

After the disappointing game, the Owls will have to brush off the loss and come back to play Holy Family University at home 7 p.m. this Friday.

Full story will be printed in next week’s issue of The Southern News. Copies will be available on Wednesday in Engleman Hall, Pelz Hall, Morrill Hall and in the Adanti Student Center. 

Photo Credit: Tyler Korponai

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