SCSU’s 3rd Annual Greek Yard Show

Aaron BerkowitzGeneral Assignment Reporter

Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity won over the crowd and judges for the title of SCSU’s third annual Yard Show winners. Fraternities such as Omega Psi Phi, Phi Beta Sigma, and Lambda Alpha Upsilon also took the stage to stroll and compete for the crown.

Juliano Nieves, Lambda Alpha Upsilon member and sociology major, said he came out to enjoy the event and support his fraternity, but he was also looking forward to seeing some of the other performances. “I wanted to see the Ques perform just because I haven’t seen them in a while,” said Nieves. “Events like this are always a good time especially because a good amount of the organizations performing are from outside of Southern.”

Shaden Barrett, senior and president of the West Indian Society, said she came to the event to see more of Phi Beta Sigma’s skills because of how impressed she was by their performance at the Legends Ball. “When they stroll…Jesus have mercy,” said Barrett. “They always have a ton of energy, so you have to love them.”

The event marked drew out quite the crowd of students and alumni of the fraternities who performed. Avery Washington, graduate of Tuskegee University and member of Omega Psi Phi, said he felt obligated to come and check out the event because he knows how hard all of them work on their performances. “All of these guys work put in a lot of time and effort,” said Washington. “I think we have a chance at pulling it off today, but it’s all out of friendly competition.”

Robert Arroy, sophomore Lambda Alpha Upsilon member, said his team worked long hard hours because they knew they would have to be focused and “bring it” if they wanted to take home the title. “I was really excited to see what Phi Beta Sigma would bring to the table being that they won it all last year,” said Arroy. “We have been practicing all year round, we never really stop.”

Manuel Llano-Martinez, Lambda Alpha Upsilon member, said he enjoys the annual event because not only is it fun to watch, but it also provides each fraternity with the opportunity to recruit new members. Martinez also said that entering the competition he was confident that his fraternity’s performance would be impressive. “It’s always tough competition but we think we have a chance,” said Llano-Martinez. “The Sigmas are usually our biggest competition so we will have to see what happens, it could go either way.”

Llano-Martinez also said the Yard Show provides students with insight into Greek life on campus and everyone should be on the lookout for other activities they are involved in before the semester comes to a close. “We will be selling fried Oreos Monday-Wednesday, April 28-30,” said Llano-Martinez. “From 9p.m.-12 a.m. we will be taking orders and we make free deliveries to anywhere on campus.”

According to Llano Martinez, the Oreos will be for purchase in packages of four for $2 and $2.50 for powdered sugar. All proceeds will be donated towards the Aids Walk in New York on May 18. “We want to make a difference by raising money for a good cause,” said Llano-Martinez.

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