Pillow Talk: More than just the bedroom

She says…

Some people like to stay within the confinments of those four bedroom walls on a comfy bed with pillows and blankets. However, this isn’t the only place where sex can take place. Be adventurous and you never know what might happen.

Outside actually is always a great spot to share some passion with your lover. What’s better than doing that on a hot, summer night too. I’m just saying. I’m not saying I’m condoning having sex in the bathroom of a restuarant, but to each their own and if it works for you, my only advice—don’t get caught.

But that advice I just shared only makes it much more adventurous, the suspense of not knowing if you’re going to get caught, I mean that’s kind of hot.

If you’re happy with the bedroom, that’s fine too! Again, too each their own and you do what you got to do. But if you’re feeling fun to experiment, go outside or go to your car or anywhere. The locations are endless and it’s all up to you with how crazy you can get.

– Savannah Mul


Photo Courtesy | homecreat.com

Photo Courtesy | homecreat.com

He says…

Sex is fun, but it can lose its excitement after a while. Quickest way to spice things up is by trying something different. Easiest way to be different is to change the scenery of your sex life. Sure it’s comfortable to lie on your Tempurpedic, but it’s exciting to have sex in a car, shower, on the couch or even the kitchen counter if you really want to push the boundaries.

The shower is a fun place to try out something new just be sure to keep your head out the water. Cars can be extraordinary places to have fun in: they’re mobile and depending on the size of the car a lot can be done in them.  People make fun of soccer mom vans, but from experience, they’re the best vehicles to do it in.

Beside private and semi-private places, some people find a rush in having sex in public. I can’t say I have, but just as a caution, don’t do it near police. You can and will be arrested, and that’s not a good time.

– Eliezer Santiago


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