Today: Jun 17, 2024

Be happy and proud

Ali Iacono


There’s a line that has been drawn and yet has long been ignored. People have a tendency to ballet their way over this line and gracefully frolic in the danger zone without a care in the world. Once they have entered into the no-no zone beyond the barrier they deliberately shied away from, people dance with an ugly demon that takes full control of their irrational mind.

What on Earth are you blabbering on about Ali?

Well, friends this line that I speak of is the difference between confidence and cockiness. Ah, makes sense now, right? No? Okay well, stay with me.

This is a topic I’ve always kept quiet about because, well frankly I know when those that are dancing with the dark (the cocky) read it they’ll either A) Be flattered or B) Start bull-crapping about how great they are and jealous I am of their perfection. But I’ve decided I’m finally tearing the tape off of my mouth on this topic and unleashing my inner thoughts on all those who think their ish don’t stank. More specifically throughout this arguably pointless rant I will make females my primary focus.

So, how do you tell the difference between a confident female and an overly self-worshipping, high-horse riding, obnoxious cocky female?

Well, if you ask me a confident person shows they are confident without coming out and saying it. Instead a confident female illustrates her self-appreciation by going out and buying that little black dress despite the fact that she isn’t a size zero. A female who is confident in herself doesn’t seek attention. She doesn’t post selfies on Instagram on a daily basis with an outrageously lengthy caption that consists of hashtags such as #HotMama #Fabulous #DontYouWishYouWereAsGoodLookingAsMe #Cake. A confident female doesn’t smother others with such hashtag lingo, instead she lets her pictures speak for themselves.

Now don’t get me wrong I am not bashing girls for posting selfies that would be extremely hypocritical of me since I am guilty of plastering my mug shot for my Instagram followers to judge.

I am also not complaining about the use of hashtags because, again, I myself use them (just not as excessively as some people). I’ll admit I’ve posted body shots of myself (not referring to alcohol, stay with me here). Since last summer I have been spending countless hours in the gym kicking my own @$$ to get into some sort of shape that wasn’t round and I’ll be damned my efforts paid off.

So yeah, I’m going to post a before and after pic of myself to stress how proud I am of myself and hell, I might even throw in a few hashtags. HOWEVER, those hashtags will say nothing about how sexy I am now or how doable I’ve become. I don’t need to say those types of things out loud for the internet to absorb. I’m simply displaying that I now, with much effort, have more confidence in my physical appearance.

Of course, confidence isn’t just about what’s on the outside. What goes on inside your brain has a lot to do with your level of self-confidence. If you’re graduating college or received a good grade on your exam, good for you. Hang that up on your fridge and rejoice a little inside every time you walk by. That’s confidence.

However, a cocky individual (I suppose this could apply to both sexes) will broadcast their smartness for the world to see thanks to the wonder wonderfulness that is social media. A cocky person might say something along the lines of, “Oh damn what do you know? Another A+ I got the brains AND the looks. #TooGoodForThisWorld #PerfectIsMe #Cake”

At the end of the day it’s important to have self-confidence. It’s important to be happy with who you are, but you don’t always need to express that happiness. Yeah, I get it we all let a little cocky comment slip every now and again when that level of self-confidence is at an all time high; however, some ladies just need to tame themselves.

Know who you are. Love who you are. But be quiet about it.

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