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Big Sean rocks Southern

Jon Moreno – Managing Editor

The man who once sang, “If I could rule the world” on his last mix tape seemed to be doing just that as he delivered some of his most popular songs triumphantly positioned on top of speakers that towered over the SCSU crowd.

Big Sean was 2013’s Spring Fest Concert performer as it capped off a week full of events that included a dance party in the Student Center Ballroom and comedian Chris D’Elia doing stand-up in the Lyman Center.

Big Sean rocked a set in the middle of the academic quad with songs that hit with such heavy drums, it seemed to make the ground vibrate under the crowd’s feet.

“I was having fun, I was having a ball,” he said after the show. “It was crazy because when we pulled up there was nothing going on the stage, we were like ‘Oh man this might be whack’ but we got on stage and it was super turned up.”

And in a smaller music market like Connecticut, whenever an artist of his stature does a show here, it does not go unnoticed. Last Saturday was no different.

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 5.04.56 PM
Eliezer Santiago | photo editor
Big Sean finishes off Spring Week with a show in the academic quad.

“I think Connecticut always shows love, every show we have here has been banging whether it’s venues or radio shows,” Big Sean said. “I think we damn near performed at every college in Connecticut possibly; everyone that matters including after the one today. I always got love for Connecticut.”

Big Sean is due to release a new album this summer entitled “Hall of Fame: Memoirs of a Detroit Player.” And while he has talked about the upcoming music, he did post an interesting photo on the social media website, Instagram, the night before visiting Southern. The photo was of Big Sean along side Eminem, one of hip-hop’s greatest who grew up in Detroit like him, with a caption that simply said: “Today was historical.” There have been rumors of a possible collaboration but never any confirmation from either side.

He was mum on the subject.

“No comment,” he said. “But it was an experience for sure.”

Big Sean said he is proud and excited for fans to hear the new album. He admitted that the last album might have been a misstep but looks forward to showing his versatility this time around.

“I feel like one of the faults on my [first] album was I didn’t know exactly what I was doing all the way,” he said. “I didn’t have a clear understanding of who I was as an artist all the way.”

The rapper was quick to point out the type of songs that have made him popular will still be present on the record but to still expect to hear something different from him.

“I saved a lot of knowledge for my album, I saved a lot of points I wanted to make,” he said. “A lot of things that I feel will distinguish me and set me apart for my album because I’m a real spiritual dude. I believe in good karma. There’s a lot of that on the album and a lot of bangers.”

Of course the show wouldn’t have been possible without the Spring Week committee.

“I was very happy by the outcome of the concert,” Jessica Martinez, senior programmer and programming commissioner for ProCon said. “It’s always a great feeling to see your hard work play out The committee did an amazing job this year. As for Big Sean, I think he did amazing as well. Of course, a few more minutes would be ideal but his overall performance was worthwhile.”

And with his early successes, Big Sean said he remains a spiritual person to remind himself of where he came from. He values his family for helping him stay grounded.

“It’s not about being humble, its just who I am,” he said. “And I guess that’s just how my grandma raised me.  I was always taught you can lose what you got twice as fast as you got it. I believe karma so I believe in being good and good will come to you.”

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