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Music Review: Imagine Dragons, “Night Visions”

Imagine Dragons

“Night Visions”


1. Radioactive – This song is by far my favorite on the album, and possibly this year. I love listening to this when I’m getting ready, working out at the gym, or just walking to class. The chorus gets so intense that it makes for a perfect pump up song for any occasion.

2. Tiptoe” – When I first heard this song, the beginning gave off a futuristic feel, but getting into the first verse, it reminded me of a song you would hear in the 80’s. Then when you get into the chorus, all you want to do is sing along because it becomes so catchy.

3. It’s Time” – One of the more popular songs from the album, “It’s Time” is definitely becoming overplayed on the radio, but that doesn’t stop it from kicking butt. Already featured in multiple commercials and placing on 17 different countries’ music charts, this powerful tune is paired with a music video that is just as amazing.

4. Demons” – Another popular song from Night Visions aimed to please—and succeeded. This one is another favorite of mine from this album and continues to give us that Imagine Dragons vibe.

5. On Top of the World” – Unlike some of the others on the album, “On Top of the World” has a happier feel that I can totally picture myself blasting on a summer day. What this song reminds me of is a Hawaiian or tropical style that you’d hear in a movie that takes place at the beach.

6. Amsterdam – I’m not very fond of the actual music in this song, but the lyrics are what pull me towards it. I’m obsessing over these lyrics because they’re so relatable to every listener, whether you’re a fan of the band or not.

7. Hear Me” – Parts of this song give me a Dave Matthews vibe and the others remind me of Muse. What a combination, right? This song showcases how much Imagine Dragons has to offer. They have a little bit of everything for fans of different types of rock on this album and I find that genius.

8.Every Night” – Not sure if everyone else felt this way, but immediately when I first listened to this I thought of a song I would sing in choir in high school. That’s not a bad thing, but with the harmonies and drum rhythm that we’ve all heard a thousand times before, it got a little singsong for me.

9. Bleeding Out” – If I were the manager of Imagine Dragons, I would’ve used this song as one of the first singles before the album release. Yeah, it’s that good. Just by listening to it, you can feel the painful emotions Dan Reynolds is singing about.

10. Underdog” – Jumping right back to the faster beats, the band throws in some electric instruments to the most unique song on the album. This definitely isn’t my absolute favorite of theirs, but I appreciate the different sounds that were added to it.

11. Nothing Left to Say / Rocks” – I don’t think there’s anything particularly special about this song. I could listen to it if it was to come up on my Pandora Radio, but there are many other songs on this album that are so much better.

12. Working Man” – This song reminds me of “On Top of the World” from earlier in the album; it literally just makes me want to dance. This one also talks a lot about their success as a band and how “the money is high” and they’re basically where they want to be.

13. Fallen” – The message I got from this song is that you have to take what life throws at you and just work with what you have. I think this was a great song to end the album with because it seems like it belongs in the final scene of a movie. You might have to listen to it in order to understand what I’m saying, but trust me you’ll love it.

3.5 out of 5 owls

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