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Ask Annie! Upside down relationship

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Dear Annie,

Annie, this weekend was crazy and I am completely lost. I don’t really know what to do. Let me just tell you what happened… My girlfriend and I were cuddling lying in bed watching some movies, when all of a sudden she dropped this bomb on me. She said… “I think I want to become a man.” WHAT?!

She never had a problem with her sexuality and everything seemed appeared to be normal with our relationship, I don’t know what to do…this issue came out of nowhere!

I love her, but I don’t think I can be with her if she goes through that change. I can’t do it. This is crazy and I need advice, badly!!! 


Upside down relationship


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Dear Upside down relationship,

Wow. Never heard that one before. Well, that is tough and if you don’t think you can deal with that dramatic switch, then that’s that. I mean you have to be honest with her or “him” and be true to both of you. Quit while your ahead if you can’t deal with it. That’s all I got. You’ll know deep down in your heart if you can deal with it or not. Stay safe.



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