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Pillow Talk: One Night Stands

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She says…

Well, I’m not one to judge. One night stands are perfectly natural and normal. When you’re with a guy and there’s that physical chemistry and you decided to take it to the next level, why should that be an issue even if you’ve only known the person for a short amount of time.

If you ask me, as long as it’s protected sex, I don’t see the problem. My motto is: “Safe sex is the best sex.” If you’re going to do it, wrap it up whether it’s a one night stand or a two night stand.

But let me clarify, I’m not condoning sleeping with a million and one people. I’m simply saying that one night stands happen more times than not, and if you choose to have one, be smart about it. In thought, most one night stands aren’t planned and aren’t meant to be one stands.

Usually, one party decides to not continue the sexual escapade and cuts contact with the other. But if calling it a one night stand gets your panties in a bunch, just consider it an audition and you didn’t make the cut.

– Tamika Alexander 


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He says…

It’s all about being in the moment. One-night stands are just that: one night stands. They aren’t supposed to be anything more than one intimate night with another person. Anything more would defeat the purpose. One night stands should have a certain mystique to them otherwise they wouldn’t be worth sharing with friends.

There are do’s and dont’s though. Do it on nights where you’re out having fun clubbing, bar hopping, or on vacation. Do use protection because you never know what you’ll run into, and you don’t want to end up like Seth Rogen in “Knocked Up.” Don’t exchange numbers or any personal information because that’ll lead to more encounters. Don’t do it with everyone because then you’ll be a whore, man or woman, and no one wants that title.

They can be fun, there’s no doubt about it, just be smart about it.

Let your friends know what you’re doing, so at least one person knows where you’re at (in case you go missing). Bottom line is be safe and have fun. You only have one life. YOLO.

– Eliezer Santiago

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