Today: Jun 17, 2024

Attention America

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Edmund Nicholas

Special to the Southern News

In times of peace the people relax their eye. No longer willing to scrutinize the domestic government of our free nation, the common citizen neglects the chief responsibility assigned to each and every free soul living in the United States.

The defense of freedom is not a solely military deed; it is a blood pact sworn by the American people to the Gods they choose to follow. The duty falls on the common man. More so than ever the vigilant must remain ever so. Lest the virulent men who stand behind the curtain may yet pull each and every string until We the People of this great United States of America will have nothing left.

Make no mistake there are those who would subvert each of us for less than wholesome goals, a nightmare parliament bargaining our well being for currency.

Ladies and gentlemen this is a commentary on our time and our conviction. This is not a conspiracy theory. It is an appeal to truth.

Over the last ten years our government has proven time and time again that our trust and acceptance is expendable. What good is the free market when it’s very principle of freedom is shattered. Wall Street has committed moral and legislative crimes against our great people; controlling, gambling with and monopolizing our economy.

The country was ransacked, and these hoarders; these vermin scurried away with all the profit and an even larger pull of the pot. This great messenger of peace we are, perpetuating war and turmoil in the Middle East since World War II.

The American way has fallen to plunder. Our businessmen reap the land for oil until only our military can squeeze the last drops of blood from the corpses of weaker nations. The audacity we have to leave behind toxic waste that deforms infants after annihilating innocent people to satiate a manufactured fear of terror at home and abroad.

Action was necessary, yet if was not for the sake of the action, but for the hidden agenda of greed, of growing empire and prolonged existence at the top of the food chain. Our corporate cannibalism will not last. Great empires rise and fall and the people will be the ones to suffer most.

This message is not intended to frighten you. It is not intended to paint the world in the most extreme of broad swaths. Offered now are simply the most egregious offenses researched through basic means. The wake-up call has been rung. The doors have been beaten in and we have still not stirred. If it will take nothing less than cannon fire, it will take nothing less than cannon fire.

The People must be moved. We must find the movement to action, and the action to change; the reaffirmation that the country—no, that freedom is in our hearts and souls. It must overtake us. We are the virtuous with love in our hearts to share.

There is too much good still left in our quiet slow beating heart. Take heed and watch. Listen. The truth is not beyond Our reach. We need only see past the blinders.

I cannot ask you to believe in what I claim. Only to find for yourself what you believe and act upon the fire you find in you soul.

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