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An unexpected run in with feudal hockey and beer

Photo Courtesy | Quinnipiac vs. Yale game in the Frozen Four Championships

Savannah Mul – Opinions Editor, @SSAVANIMAL 

I will never understand why people lose themselves completely over a silly sports games. Granted, I know the games are not silly to those die hard fans, but to me it is all pure silliness that will never quite grasp. It was Saturday night (April 13), and my friend and I were hanging out and since it was after 9 p.m. we were bored and looking for a cheap place to grab a cold beer.

Since we both live in Cheshire and all we were craving was just one cheap delicious beer, we headed over to Side Street Bar and Grille on Whitney Avenue in Hamden. We both were not aware of the Quinnipiac—Yale hockey game that was also happening that night.

So how would we know that they bar would be crawling with sport crazed hockey fans, who spilled their drinks and yelled at the TV every time Yale scored a goal. It’s a tiny bar to begin with so getting the bartenders attention was a bit difficult because we were swimming in a sea of yellow shirted drunkards.

We got as close to the bar as possible when an older man and woman let us have their seats to order our beer. When we were waiting for the bartender, the older man asked, “So Quinnipiac or Yale?” I laughed and my friend answered in a sarcastic tone, “Quinnipiac, of course!” Then in the most serious tone, the older man replied, “Better be, you’re in Quinnipiac territory.”

Oh dear goodness. We probably would have left if we didn’t want a beer so bad. It was a long Saturday, and no one was going to deprive us of that one shock top beer with orange slice.

As the game progressed, Quinnipiac was losing more and more, the people got even more upset. The bar started emptying even before the game was finished. I’m guessing after the people spilled their beers and yelled at the players through a 10×10” screen, they couldn’t bear to watch until the end of “their lost” game.

School pride must be really strong there. I really don’t know if it was because I was in a sea of yellow shirted screaming students (and I’m typically not an angry person…) BUT they made me want to punch them from their loud, annoying inflammatory shouts—however, I’m glad Yale took this victory. Hailing from New Haven, and a school that is less than 10 minutes away from Southern—even though some Yalies don’t know Southern exists—Yale deserved to win.

Side Street emptied pretty fast after the game was over. The room that was once full with screaming people and bowls of endless popcorn was all empty, the kernels now on the floor. The final score in the game was 4-0. Good for you, Yale.

The sportsmanship after the game blew up all over Twitter, like any sports event would. Tweets were coming in from students and newspapers that crowds of students were in the Academic Quad on Quinnipiac’s Campus, starting small fires and throwing “things” all over the place.

Guys, seriously you’re in college—a university—can you try to act mature about a lost game. Who cares. The Vine app was used to show students chanting a f*** you, Yale chant. It was quite hilarious.

I guess I will never understand that thrill to make a mess of things if my favorite sports team lost, but I guess I would have to have a favorite sport team. The best team of the game won. What is done is done.

Maybe one day I will figure out the madness of sports and become a fan, but for now, probably not. After the crowd of crazed fans left my friend and I were finally able to just enjoy our cheap $3.50 beer. Oh, the little things in life.

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