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Ask Annie! Long Distance Woes

Dear Annie, 

Graduation is soon approaching and I’m terrified what is going to happen. First of all, I’ve been in a serious relationship since the end of my sophomore year. And my boyfriend lives in Pennsylvania. I’ve lived in Connecticut all my life. I can’t deal with the thought of being without him, even if we do long distance relationships. 

I don’t know. We both aren’t going to grad school yet, just back home. I’m not sure what to do! Like we are really serious and I do not want to break up, but I’m scared that it might end up like that. 

If that happens I’m going to go crazy and I have talked to him, but he brushes it off like it isn’t a big deal. That’s what makes me scared because it’s like he doesn’t care, come on! I’m so lost and don’t know what is going to happen after graduation. 


Long Distance Woes

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Dear Long Distance Woes,

Okay Darlin’ first calm down, no need to be in a panic when all you need to do is have a simple conversation with him. If he keeps brushing it off , then sit him down when he has absolutely nothing else going on and make him listen! 

Explain to him how scared you are that after graduation you guys won’t be living in the same city anymore. It’s a huge step in your relationship and the reason he probably is brushing it off is because, he too, doesn’t know what will happen. He could be just equally scared. But it sounds from what you said that you two are in love and with that, you’re relationship will be fine. Just talk to him.




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