Today: Jun 25, 2024

Starbucks vs. Dunkin’

Elizabeth Dishian & Jon Moreno – Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor

Dishian – I’m an avid Dunkin Donuts drinker. No matter what time of day or mood I can have one. Only iced, too. It could be dead of winter and I have my iced coffee in hand. Starbucks is all right but I’d prefer Dunkin any day.

Moreno – Liz is right. The coffee choice of the day depends on the mood. Starbucks is more consistent with its coffee-making ability but Dunkin’ just has so much more variety. If I need a boost to get my day going, that shot of espresso in my Dunkin’ iced coffee sends me to space and back with plenty of energy to boot. However, I can walk into almost any Starbucks and know that my coffee will be done the same each time. As one can see, I am conflicted.

Dishian – Jon, you’re always conflicted. But you are right, I know when I go to Starbucks, on the rare occasion, my coffee consistently stays that same. With Dunkin’ it’s like Russian Roulette, you never know what’s going to come out of the barrel, especially at the student center. But it doesn’t matter, I continue to go there almost every day.

Moreno  – Don’t get me started on the student center. But even outside of the student center, Dunkin’ has a knack for screwing up my coffee. I ask for milk, I get cream. I have to babysit them as they make my coffee and keep a keen eye on them. I have to get specific (medium iced coffee, light and sweet with whole milk and liquid sugar with coconut flavor) and more times than not, the order still get destroyed. The struggle is real. But when they get it right (which is rare) nothing comes close.

Dishian – I feel you… as a diabetic I can’t have sugar. I always say equal and then I see the clump of sugar at the bottom of my cup. It’s even more frustrating when they try to argue that it’s not sugar! One, I can clearly see it. Two, I’d be really sick if I drank it so I know a thing or two about sugar. Starbucks is that type of place I go to in the summer more often. I’m not sure but I  think I like to drink the Vanilla Iced Latte in the summer. Regardless, I still would choose Dunkin’ even if I risk getting the wrong thing and asking from them to remake. I agree with you when they do get it right, nothing to me can top it.

Moreno – We’re on the same page my good friend. Respect to Starbucks for its consistency but Dunkin’, you touch our taste buds in a way no other can.

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