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Annual hump week hits again

Kathyrn Burton – Special to the Southern News

Pick, Pose, Picture! Cameras were flashing.  Music was blasting.  People were having a good time.  There were funny backgrounds to take pictures and friends to share it with.  SCSU was holding one of the many hump day activities in the Farnham Programming Place on Monday night.  Music was blasting and students were in and out to see what they hype was all about.

Tory Davison, sophomore at SCSU, said she had a blast.

“It was so much fun,” she said. “It gave my friends and me a chance to let loose and be a little crazy; and we have the pictures to prove it.”

Davidson said that she would recommend that SCSU do something like this for finals as well as midterms.  It is a good way to wind down after exams.

“This eventful week is not only good for relieving stress, it is a good way to spend the week just before spring break,” Davidson said.

Davidson said that the picture idea was amazing, amazing by drawing a decent crowd, and also amazing for setting this event up for SCSU students.

There was music, snacks and free items.  Students were coming and going with smiles on their faces and memories in their hands. “It was a night to be crazy,” said Amran Abdi, freshman from SCSU. “We got our pictures taken and put on draw-string bags, a postcard, and a white board.” Abdi said jumping around excitedly. “And the best thing about it all was it was all free.”

Abdi said that that the event crew did an awesome job with setting up this event.

“They really took a lot of time and effort to make this event fun and exciting for all who came to check it out,” she said.

Hump week is meant to celebrate the middle of the semester and finally getting through midterms. Students need to wind down from the stress.  There wwere events lined up all week starting with Monday night.

“I have to say that this picture event had to be one of the best events SCSU has had in a while.  I love having pictures with my friends and making memories of college; especially this being my freshman year here at Southern,” said Angelica Miller, freshman at SCSU.

“I had a great time.  At one point all of my friends and I made funny faces with a fish scene behind it.  That was our postcard.  It definitely relieved my stress about midterms.”  Miller said.

Monday night’s hump day event was a complete success. As students showed up they filled out a raffle ticket; and at the end of the night the staff did a raffle.  The night was exciting and filled with laughs said Paige Tillinghast, freshman at SCSU.

“I enjoyed myself.  It was fun to watch other people pose and do funny things with their friends while waiting to get it done,” she said.

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