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D.I.Y. throw pillow project

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Decorative throw pillows are unnecessary and superfluous at times, yes, but they are a cute and easy ways to add flair and color to a boring dorm room couch, bed, or chair! They are fun and fashionable, but throw pillows are often expensive, usually costing $10 to $30 per pillow. Here is a quick and cheap way to get the flair, color, and style without paying the price. For these following DIY ideas, work with the pillow cover and insert the filling after you have completed the project. Have fun and get creative!

All you’ll need is:

-White pillow coverings

Photo Courtesy |
Photo Courtesy |

-Fabric paint


-Fabric glue


-Tie dye

-Brown felt


-Iron-on transfer paper

-Fabric markers

-Cookie cutters

-Light sensitive paint

1) The first pillow project uses fabric paint and stamps, but anything from a potato masher to a hand can be used in place of stamps. Start by laying your pillow cover out on a flat surface. Then use a sponge to cover your stamp, potato masher, hand, or whatever else you choose to use in fabric paint. Stamp away! When you are done, let the pillow case dry before inserting the stuffing.

2) This project uses fabric glue and ribbon to decorate a pillow case. You can make bows or little rosettes out of the ribbon and attach them to the cover with the fabric glue. You can also use the ribbon as a border around the edge of the pillow case.

3) Another idea for decorating your pillow would be using a dye bath and dipping your pillow covering into the dye. By tie-dying your pillow coverings, you can create a funky, 60’s style decoration that’s one of a kind. Use the left over dye to tie-dye some t-shirts, or if you really want to continue the 60’s theme, tie-dye a set of white sheets!

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Photo Courtesy |

4) This project uses brown felt and buttons to create a bud-adorned tree on your pillow. First cut out the shapes of branches and use fabric glue to attach the felt branches to the pillow covering. Then attach the colorful buttons to the tips of the branches in order to create the look of blossoming buds.

5) Iron-on transfers are another great way to create unique pillow covers. You can buy the transfer paper for really cheap in stores like JoAnn Fabrics or Michael’s. Simply print your desired image on the transfer paper and iron on. Warning: Before printing your image, make sure you make it a reflection of itself by flipping it. If you don’t do this, any words or letters you print will come out backwards when ironed on.

6) This pillow project uses cookie cutters and fabric markers to create cute and playful throw. Placing the cookie cutter on the pillow case, trace its shape with the fabric marker! You can trace it fully or simply dot the outline in different colors. Either way, the shape of your cookie cutter, whether it be a star or butterfly, will be copied in patterns on your pillow case.

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