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Movie Review: “Flight”

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Tamika Alexander – Arts and Entertainment Editor

Over the weekend I finally found the time to watch the movie “Flight” starring Denzel Washington. Prior ro watching the movie I heard great reviews but I always like to watch a movie myself before I take someone’s word for it. I must say all the reviews I heard were right. The movie was great.

To start, the movie was attention grabbing. This was the type of movie to make watchers think about if this really happened and what really goes on in the cockpit of a plane. I swear, during the whole movie I was thinking I never wanted to step foot on another plan in my life. When we decide to travel by plan we are trusting the pilots and the crew with our lives and for a pilot to be so irresponsible as to drink and do drugs before flying a plane is outrageous. It makes you wonder how often this happens.

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Denzel Washington did a great job playing his role. His actions, his words and his emotions seemed so real. He portrayed an alcoholic well and the movie did a phenomenal job depicting real life situations that happen to people who are addicted to alcohol and drugs. Sometimes these people lose everything; their house, car, job and families. Also, he did a great job displaying the attitudes of alcholics and how they react when people try to help them.  They’re usually in denial and resistant.

The graphics of the actual plan crash were pretty cool too. To show a plane being flown inverted (upside down) trips out my mind because I never thought of it being done. When the plane actually goes down it seems so realistic. The debris of the plane and how it fell out the skied looked like something I’ve seen on the news.

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