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Essentials in women’s fashion

Photo Courtesy | Peacoats and blazers are popular jackets within women’s fashion.

Kendra Baker – Staff Writer

While indulging in retail therapy, the words “basics” or “essentials” make most of us think “boring, mundane clothing” since the items found under these categories are usually the average camisole, t-shirt, and V-neck.

When it comes to fashion, however, there are four versatile and timeless clothing essentials every woman should own that are not typically listed under these categories: nude pumps, peacoats, pearls, and blazers.

Nude pumps are a necessity for every woman’s wardrobe that can be worn casually or professionally and go with every color and outfit.

Photo Courtesy | tumblr.comPeacoats and blazers are popular jackets within women’s fashion.
Photo Courtesy |
Peacoats and blazers are popular jackets within women’s fashion.

Valerie Lupo, 21-year-old communication disorders major, said nude pumps “look classy for both a night out on the town and at the office.”

Keep in mind that nude-colored pumps don’t come in one shade, so it’s important to buy a pair that’s close to your skin tone. According to writer Jelena Jovanovic, “huge contrasts as well as ankle straps make legs appear shorter and chunkier, so have your current skin tone in mind when you’re choosing shoes.”

When searching for a pair of these versatile shoes, the type of heel doesn’t matter—buy a pair of cute, nude wedges or kitten heels if you’re not ready to wear higher heels.

The classic peacoat has been around for 200 to 300 years, according to Donald Gjerdingen’s essay on the history of the peacoat, and has maintained its aesthetics and function over time. The peacoat is narrow at the waist and slightly flared at the hips for easy functioning, which makes it not only comfortable, but flattering. When buying one of these timeless coats, make sure it’s made out of good quality material so that it keeps you warm in cold weather and lasts for years. While peacoats tend to be more professional-looking, they can be worn casually if paired with a nice pair of slacks or straight-leg jeans and shoes—no baggy pants or sneakers allowed.

Pearls are one of, if not the most classic type of jewelry for women. According to, “countless references to the pearl can be found in the religions and mythology of cultures from the earliest times” and that during the European Renaissance,  “pearls were so highly regarded [that] a number of European countries actually passed laws forbidding anyone but the nobility to wear them.”

Cheryl Garland, 22-year-old communications major, said, “Anyone can wear pearls at any time if they have a classy character to support them.”

Pearls are timeless, charming, sensual gems that reflect natural beauty and look fabulous in the form of necklaces and earrings. A pearl necklace or pair of pearl earrings can add a classic touch to an outfit.

Since real pearls can be costly, it’s okay to invest in faux pearls—even the late fashion icon and first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis owned a prim triple-strand faux pearl necklace.

Blazers are no longer just for the office—they can be worn over cute dresses or with skinny jeans and a t-shirt or button-down for a charming, casual look. They come in an array of colors and patterns, as well as a variety of cuts and styles like peplum, single-button, double-breasted, tuxedo, ponte, and so on.

With the popularity of blazers on the rise and the cost of them quite reasonable—Forever 21, for example, sells a multiplicity of blazers averaging around thirty dollars—it isn’t hard to find a blazer for any occasion—whether it be casual, professional, or even both.

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