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Ask Annie! Can’t make time

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Dear Annie, 

I had the most awful conversation with my boyfriend the other  night and it happened via the phone. It was THE ULTIMATE WORST. It was the worst weekend with us because he made his friends and his gym time the biggest priority and then  I just felt like he was just totally penciling me into his schedule. 

I can’t do this anymore I’m so tired of being the girl that always comes second in a boyfriends life. Like I’m not wrong, right?! I’m totally over this. I unleashed this all to him on the phone last night and it all came out. I wish I talked in person. But that didn’t happen and now we are on a break. Like, omg I don’t know what to do right now. Help me! 


Over this


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Dear Over this,

Wow darlin’, all I can say is I’d be sick of that too, honey. Every girl deserves to be the first priority in their boyfriends lifes, I mean isn’t that the difference between being friends and then being boyfriend-girlfriend. You did the right thing, suga. Don’t think otherwise. It’s good you told him and it’s okay that it was over the phone. 

There is no good way to break it to the other person. On the phone or face-to-face. All it takes is time and that’s the only answer I have to help you—take one day at a time. It will probably help not seeing him either and limiting your talking. Give yourself space darlin’ that’s what you truely need right now. 



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