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RGIII’s return

Andrew Anastasio – Sports Editor

Robert Griffin III is arguably the most explosive player in the National Football League.

However, after tearing his ACL, what can people expect from the premier star next season?

I, for one, am optimistic that Griffin III will make a full recovery. I mean, look at Adrian Peterson, his record breaking 2012 campaign can only spring hope amongst Redskin fans who are eager to start next season, after just falling short this year.

What Griffin III needs to improve upon is his decision making. His mix of accuracy and arm strength make him a strong pocket passer, but any quarterback who has the speed and agility leaves themselves vulnerable when they scramble.

Take a look at Michael Vick, it’s nothing short of a miracle his rib cage is still in tact after taking so many unnecessary hits.

Despite the NFL attempting to “protect” the quarterbacks in the league, there’s still dirty tackles that occur, some of which can cause serious injuries.

There’s no shame in throwing the ball away and living to play another down. Unless there’s a clear path to scramble for 10 or more yards, there’s no need to be the hero and risk injuring yourself.

Look for Griffin III to shy away from the frequent scrambles and make more plays with his arm next season. To me, he’s going to be a star in this league for a while.

Regardless of the severity of his injury, Griffin III has proven his toughness and has played through injuries. Let’s not forget his immediate return after suffering a concussion.

If in fact, Griffin III is unable to return right away, the Redskins do have a safety blanket; Kirk Cousins, whom has the potential to be a legitimate starter.

One premier quarterback is great, but having two quarterbacks who play at high levels is a blessing. Cousins may not have the elusiveness that Griffin III has, but his strong arm is enough to compensate.

Week one will definitely be interesting, especially if RGIII is able to go. Expect big things coming out of the nations capital.

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