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Spring Training

Jennifer Hoffer – Sports Writer

Birds are singing and bats are swinging. Major League Baseball’s first slates of spring training games have just gone underway this weekend.

There are many teams and players that will definitely be under a magnifying glass and on the hot stove for the remainder of the spring and possibly for the rest of the season. Sure, these games don’t matter.

But there’s no harm in circling a few games on the list that may be future matchups to watch out for through the month of October.

Spring training is always an exciting time of year; not only because we’re nearing the start of opening day, but for me, it’s a time for fans to see the prospects showcase their talent.

The farm systems of these teams work extremely hard during the off-season and regular season in hopes to one day get that plate appearance, or pinch running experience that will make their hard work worthwhile.

As a Yankees fan, I am really looking forward to the prospects in our farm system; especially since the Yankees are aging. Fast. Seeing these new faces is important for fans and especially for players to familiarize themselves with the rookies; something that will surely happen in the next few years.

The one farm system that looks to have a prospering future is that of the Houston Astros. Although their major league team may not be much of a contender in the league–only paying a total of $34 million to the team in total–the farm system ranks high on the lists of all the teams.

It will surely be an interesting spring training season. There are a lot of breakout players to look out for, and teams that surprised us all last season like the Baltimore Orioles and Pittsburgh Pirates. Andrew McCutchen of the Pittsburgh Pirates, Manny Machado of the Baltimore Orioles and Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels are some to keep an eye on.

They made quite an impression on baseball last season and if they play anything like that this season, we’re in for a great show.

Teams like the Los Angeles Angels and Washington Nationals are already predicted to be in the World Series in the fall.

The Angeles just recently added Josh Hamilton to their lineup and the Nationals have a string of great starting pitchers. But as with any sport, anything could happen.

Especially baseball, a sport that takes up eight of twelve months, that’s more than enough time for players and teams to surprise the millions of fans that watch this American past time.

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