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Do-it-yourself! Turn any old tee into a new, stylish tank

Photo Courtesy | Start off with a t-shirt and a pair of scissors.

Mackenzie Hurlbert – Copy Editor

Do you have a bunch of old, oversized t-shirts hanging around? I’ve hoarded them since high school, and now with no more drawer space left, my collection need

Photo Courtesy |  This craft is a great way to rework those old t-shirts.
Photo Courtesy |
This craft is a great way to rework those old t-shirts.

s to make a transition. One option is the Goodwill bin, and the other is to turn them into something new. Considering I’d rather recycle what I have, I found a cute and easy how-to project for turning  t-shirts into racerback tanks. While I have written T-Shirt DIY projects before, I found this one recently on BuzzFeed and wanted to share it. It’s easy and really transforms the t-shirt from a shapeless square into a feminine summer tank. Also it’s a great craft to get your mind off of the cold weather outside and focused on the summer months that await us in the future.  As always, have fun and don’t be afraid to make a mess!!

All you need is:

-A T-shirt



(Really… that’s all you need!)

First, cut the neck and sleeves off of the t-shirt. You should be left with a loose tank top in a similar shape of a basketball jersey.

Then, and this is optional, you can cut any excess length off of the bottom. If you do this, the edges of the t-shirt material should curl up instead of staying ragged.

The next step is to cut a deep “V” in the back of the t-shirt from the collar to the area between your shoulder blades.

Then take a long scrap of the tee, like the piece you cut from the bottom of the shirt, and tie the two tops of the “V” cut together, wrapping both straps with the one scrap.

Continue wrapping the two straps together and moving down over the crevice of the “V” and back to the top.

Lastly, tie the two ends of the scrap together, and you’re done creating a cute and awesome tank!!

Photo Courtesy |
Photo Courtesy |

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