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Ask Annie! Lost lovers over spring break

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Dear Annie, 

Spring break is coming up and while I am so incredibly stoked for a week at Daytona Beach, I’m also so very worried because my boyfriend isn’t coming with me. Right, crazy, I know! My friends and I bought our tickets back in December for this and my boyfriend said that he couldn’t go with us because of money. Except now, he just told me he is going to California, for five days.. with his single guy friends… LIKE WHAT THE HECK! 

Should I be worried, I mean our relationship is going okay, sometimes we have tiffs more than we should. But we’ve been dating for almost a year now in June, and I’m just nervous his friends will have influence on him and he might cheat!! I know I’m not going to, I love him. But sometimes I get worried he is bored with me and ready to move on. He might find that fling he wants in California. Yikes, I’m so stressed! Help.


Lost lovers over spring break

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Dear Lost lovers over spring break,

Well it doesn’t seem like you talked to him about this. So first sweetheart, start with that. If that conversation is enough for you and you feel that he truly loves you, then he won’t do anything stupid when he’s out west. But relationships are tricky my dear and spending time away from each other over spring break, I hate to say this might, but it will either make or break your relationship. Trust me, honey. I’m not just saying this about your boyfriend either, because either of you might realize being with each other isn’t worth all the “tiffs” and aggravation.

But after you talk to him and tell him your worries about spending spring break apart, it might not even be a big deal. Agree to talk at a certain time each day if that helps. That way you guys can always count on being there for each other, even if you’re in a different time zone. As always my dear, stay safe!



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