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Next for the Jets

Andrew Anastasio – Sports Editor

After an embarassing 2012 campaign, the New York Jets will enter this offseason with a lot of questionable marks.

First, let’s address the quarterback situation. I don’t just speak for myself when I say it’s time for the Mark Sanchez era to end. Jets fans were given a false sense of hope during his first two seasons in the league which resulted in AFC Championship runs, but those are nothing more than distant memories.

The “Butt Fumble” says it all, I mean anyone who attempts to sneak it and ends up with their facemask in another players buttocks is simply inexcusable. And for that Mark Sanchez, I’ve lost all hope in you.

Let’s not even mention the Tim Tebow situation. I never understood the hype he brought to the team. That whole trade was doomed from the start. Yeah, Jets fans thought it would’ve sparked a fire for  Sanchez to play better, but in hindsight, he played his worse season yet.

I’m not saying Tebow didn’t deserve a chance to start, I mean, he couldn’t possibly play any worse than Sanchez. Instead, the Jets turned to second year man Greg McElroy. I for one was excited to see what McElroy could do.

A proven winner at the prestigous University of Alabama, McElroy immediately came in during the Jets game v.s. Arizona and secured an important victory. Okay, so maybe it was just the Cardinals, but despite their poor record, they still possessed one of the better pass defenses in the league, and that’s what made McElroy’s performance even more impressive.

The Jets went on to win that game 7-6, and with playoff hopes still dwindling, Sanchez was given the ball yet again by the incumbent Rex Ryan who refused to admit his doubts in him.

“Mark gives us the best chance to win.”

I’m pretty sure if any Jet fan hears that statement one more time, they’re going to contemplate switching their loyalties to another team.

I still fear that the Jets will yet again have a difficult 2013 season. I like the addition of John Idzik relieving Mike Tannebaum as general manger, but the skill at quarterback in this year’s draft is no where near last year’s premier stars (Luck, Griffin III, and Wilson).


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