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Living for The Walking Dead

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Ali Iacono – Staff Writer

Well, for those of you that have been living under a rock for the past 2+ years maybe some more needs to be said about this epic show.

I was first exposed to the zombie infested television show during its first season on AMC. I watched it at my friend’s house…and by watched I really mean a pillow was conveniently and repeatedly placed over my face multiple times throughout the hour long show. I’ll admit it, I couldn’t stand the gore. I couldn’t stand the concept. I couldn’t stand the violence and the whole eating of human beings thing. About the only thing I could stand was my new found love for Andrew Lincoln, who I will now refer to as my husband throughout the rest of this story, and my life.

Call me crazy, but as my love for my husband grew so did my love for the show. Suddenly Sunday became my favorite day of the week (and that’s saying A LOT!). I would count down the hours until the new episode began. When a new episode started, I would plant myself directly in front of my television screen and sit perched with my eyes wide and glued to the greatness that was happening before me. I swear sometimes I wouldn’t even blink for the entire hour.

I was hooked. No, I am hooked.  I can honestly say I haven’t been this dedicated or obsessed with a television show since the days of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I’m going to regret admitting that). But, on the bright side at least my new TV show obsession doesn’t drive me to want to purchase pleather pants and carry a sharp wooden stick in my purse (I should really stop now).

Instead this show just leaves me wanting more. Every episode seems to end with another unanswered question, and while some would find that obnoxious I absolutely love it.

The thing that I love most about the show, aside from my husband, is the way the show developed the characters. A lot of people were huffing and puffing about how slow season 2 progressed; however, it was necessary in order for the audience to know and grow to love and hate certain characters. If the show just went about killing everyone off what effect would it have? Had they not taken the time to develop characters such as Dale, his death would have meant practically nothing (side note: I still blame Carl for that; the one time he’s not in the house!).

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Or how about in the start of season 3 when Hershel has his lower leg axed off by my courageous and fast-thinking husband? That moment wouldn’t have had as much of a “WTF!!!!” kind of reaction from fans had they not become so familiar with him.

This applies to other characters deaths as well like Shane, Lori and Carl…oh wait that still has yet to happen! My apologies to Chandler Riggs; great actor but I’m not a fan of the character. Clearly.

Back in October my obsession drove me to go to Comic Con New York; well, actually a train did but you get what I meant. Comic Con is a huge event where fans of all sorts of comic books, video games, television shows, etc. come together and dress up…no, excuse me, they become their favorite character.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have no hate for anyone that does this sort of thing, but let’s just say I looked very out of place there. I visited my local Hot Topic the week before and purchased my first Walking Dead shirt to wear to the event and, might I add, that I’ve worn every Sunday since purchasing. Loser.

Anyway, the real reason why I ventured to New York for Comic Con was to finally meet my husband face to face, as well as the some of the awesome cast. As a dedicated stalker fan I got up at 2 am to start preparing myself for the day and to catch an early train (which ended up driving away as I was bolting towards it, but that’s another story).

Long story short, I didn’t get to meet the cast. Turns out they stopped handing out the free meet and greet tickets around the time that I was waking up. I was crushed, but I did get to sit in on the panel, which was amazing. Plus the cast was thoughtful enough to sign autographs after the panel ended.

I remember as soon as I saw them signing autographs I ran into the swarm of people without even thinking. I frantically searched for my husband. When I spotted him I used my short girl capabilities to squirm in between people. I ended up right up against the stage. That was the moment I realized…I didn’t have anything for him to sign. My heart was pounding and I was practically near tears. How could I have pushed my way through the crowd of screaming fans and land directly in front of my husband and have nothing for him to sign? Then, it hit me; my phone!

“Andrew, my phone!,” were the first and only words I spoke to my husband.


He ended up not signing my phone; however, Norman Reedus did! Which is just as cool because we are best friends (he just doesn’t know it yet). He’s got to figure it out soon though. I mean he followed me on Twitter and has messaged me a few times. Our friendship is slowly blooming for sure.

Well, that concludes my rant about the greatest television show ever. In all honesty I could go on for days, but I’ll refrain in this case.

My mission to meet my husband and my best friend…and really everyone else from the show continues.

Hopefully this doesn’t result in a restraining order.


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