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Fashion: Trends seen on campus for comfort or for impression?

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Rachel Forst – Special to the Southern News –

Fashion plays huge part in society as a way to express oneself. It’s also a way to set trends, especially in one’s youth. Fashion trends on campus have been noticeable whether it’s a way to make oneself feel joy, happiness or to impress someone. Finding some outfits to put together is a challenge unless you decide to be creative, lace up  boots or a faux leather jacket to match is a huge statement on Southern’s campus since the fall semester.

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Rose Blaise, a senior Biology major at Southern said Northface jackets, Ugg boots, Ombre hair color and bright colored clothing have been something she had seen lately.

Since last semester, women on campus have, in a way, dressed the part when wearing comfy sweaters and scarves, whether chunky or knit, leggings or jeggings matched with a fitted jacket or just a basic Northface jacket have been making the rounds of female students’ wardrobe collections.

Boots and moccasins have been something everyone sees on campus as far as footwear goes.

“Rain boots, Uggs, combat boots and lace ups are being seen all over campus,”  said Lauren Czernota, sophomore social work major.

Most of these trends that have been all over the place, she said, have been seen in magazines, on celebrities, or even on the online pin board, Pinterest, which seems like the idea pool for students these days.

“Ugg boots are always in fashion whether in the fall or winter months,” said Athalia Smith, business administration graduate student. “I noticed in the beginning of the year people dressed up,” she said about what she had noticed on campus as far as trends go. “Men and women took an effort in what they were wearing. People are wearing bright colors, spandex type of clothing, colored jeans are coming back.”

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Most students do take the time to dress nicely, presentable whether it is to feel good about themselves or to just impress someone, but it seems most just like to be comfortable in what they put together, said Blaise.

“It feels good to put together an outfit,” she said, “it makes me feel nice to look nice, to impress anybody, not at all. Not everyone puts together outfits to impress people, most just like to be comfortable and presentable at the same time.”


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