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The 21st century communication


Yousif Aziz – Staff Writer

The world has become a place where almost everyone has an electronic device that seems to be part of their personalities. They are becoming too attached to these devices and we seem to ignore the fact that there are other ways of communication. Where has the world gone? Where have our cultural and societal ideals gone? Technology may be great to some extent, but not to the point where have to depend to our devices to take the lead.

Let’s take communication as an example. Many of us have different ways to communicate with one another, while some of us depend on texting and social networking to communicate. For instance, dating has taken a new level of development. The guys or men don’t ask the girls or women out verbally, face-to-face or even by phone. The new way is now by texting, which seems to bring down the romantic part of the whole dating situation. They are leaving those romantic manners and ideals that used to elicit the proper way to ask a woman out on a date.

The intimacy seems to be out of sight and nowhere to be found within our so-called sophisticated society. The spark of the regular, ordinary communication–whether it is face-to-face or even by phone–has disappeared. Societies don’t seem to pay attention this part. Everything seems to move forward with technology and everyone is adapted to it regardless.

While being at college, I have noticed the need to using these electronic devices such as cell phones, iPods and tablets. Walking through the hallways or transferring from one building to another, you notice many students are busy looking at their devices. Standing next to a class waiting for it to finish, you see almost all the students using their phones or electronic devices to occupy themselves until class starts. Most of the time, there isn’t any communication or friendly talk with anyone unless you knew the person really well or if you had a class topic to discuss.

You don’t see people introducing themselves and sharing their lives with other students. You don’t notice anybody attempting to break the ice and start a friendly conversation to find out about their classmates. Even though we may like the fact of socializing, there’s a fear that doesn’t allow us to dive right into the conversation or even start one. A lot of people may think that it might be awkward starting a conversation or filling in the silence in the atmosphere with another classmate; however, most people never seem to try it out.

I believe it is time to let go of our fear and our electronic devices–at least when we are surrounded by people. It’s a great way to let others know that you are willing to start networking with one another. You could be shaking people’s hands, getting to know them, interacting with one another and spreading the idea of socializing with others. We have to step out of our comfort zone and we can’t accomplish a lot of things if we are stuck in that place. We need to talk more, participate in clubs and activities and perhaps we can volunteer in projects that our institution offers and make a difference in the world. It’s all about the mindset; if you set your mind to accomplish a specific goal, you will achieve that goal no matter how long it takes you to achieve it.

I personally need a motivator, a person who would want to do things with me and accomplish things together. It gives you a good feeling when you are supported by someone else. Everyone needs a motivator and no one fits that role better than your best friend. Grab a friend and start a goal that both of you want to accomplish. Join sports or clubs and participate in your community’s activities. Find out how to be active. There are so many websites that encourage everyone to participate in activities to remain a physically and mentally healthy individual.


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