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The dramatic blizzard of 2013


Savannah Mul – Opinions Editor

I wanted to write something humorous about this past blizzard, but really there is nothing humorous about it. It ruined a perfectly good past Friday and Saturday night. Instead of waking up feeling hungover from the night before, I woke up to shovel. To shovel between three-to-four feet of snow. I didn’t even last 15 minutes outside when my shovel broke in two pieces, forcing me to use the oldest and heaviest shovel my family owns.

The only positive outcome about all this snow is that fact that I didn’t have to go to the gym this weekend, I got a decent enough workout from clearing a path to walk on. Then I turn to my parents and ask, “Why, why New England?” They laugh, and my mom responds, “I’m ready to move to Florida when you are!”

However, that is years in the making and this “move” isn’t happening anytime soon. So another winter goes by and as much as I pray for no snow each year, I know that wish will never come true.

Last year was glorious, it was mild. We had the October snowstorm and some inch accumulations here and there, but nothing like this. I was happy. This year, not so much.

Walking out into the dreaded winter wonderland to shovel, I’m left dreaming of being beach bound at Key West— laying in the sun and what it would be like to feel the cool ocean water, instead of the cold, frozen snowflakes.

Obviously winter is not my season, it never is. I’m over it all and hope this is the last winter storm we’ll get. But to cool my combat and dream of better sunshine days, I first started my snowbound weekend with a Lord of the Rings Marathon. I love this trilogy, however it didn’t help me forget that there was a blizzard outside. I kept looking out the window with sadness as Frodo, Sam, and the crazy creature of Golum got closer to Mordor. Then I thought, Frodo and Sam are walking barefoot in the snow on their journey, and here I am complaining about sitting inside a warm house watching the snow pile up endlessly outside.

I know it’s Lord of the Rings and just another Hollywood movie, but watching them walk barefoot in the snow made me feel more cold. So I shut those movies off and instead started watching reruns of the life I dream to have—The O.C. Ah, California.

The blizzard of 2013 not only left me with a frozen heart, but also a huge mess for the residents of Connecticut to clean. The snow is no longer glittering in the sunshine or looking as fluffy as a cotton ball that makes you want to jump in it, but rather it is now less than attractive. It’s brown, gray and frozen ice residing on the side of streets. Making transportation much more difficult. If you happen to be stuck behind a CT Transit bus, forgot you’re not going anywhere. Because that two-lane road now has become a one-lane road.


It’s winter great.

After the blizzard of 2013—which I refuse to call Nemo or Charlotte—Connecticut was blessed with warmer days. It was beautiful 40-or-so degree weather, which thankfully caused some of the snow to melt. Four and a half more weeks until spring.

But I will say one thing, the one good thing this snow did for me when I was shoveling, was it kept my beer cold. Snow is the ultimate freezer and as much as I hate the stuff, it sure can keep your alcohol cold like no other.

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