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Ask Annie! Valentine’s Day disappointment

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Dear Annie,

I was a little disappointed about what happened between my boyfriend and I this past Valentine’s Day. I shouldn’t have set such high expectations of what it was going to be like. This was our first Valentine’s together and I guess I thought it was going to be the most romantic night ever since the first night we had sex!

But instead, I went over to his house and got to his room and there was a card and a box of chocolates on his bed. I handed him my gift, which was a decorated picture frame and pictures of us inside. So everything was going well, we went out to dinner and rented a movie and when the movie was almost over, he’s said, “When this is done I have to go to practice.” I was confused, please help! My boyfriend is a singer in a band and is always at practices. I asked why he has to go and why can’t he practice tomorrow and he said, “Tonight’s the night we are all around.” Ugh, I got up and left. Like, what the hell?! Don’t I have the right to be mad? He abandoned me on Valentine’s Day to go hang with his band and practice! UGH!


Lost Valentines


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Dear Lost Valentines,

Boys can be dumb, suga. They don’t understand why Valentine’s Day is important to some girls, but that’s a situation that would leave any girl in the dumps. Plus, the fact that he didn’t tell you beforehand that the night would be cut short because of this said practice. Yuck, I know what it’s like honey, I was with a musician before and some of them put their music before their relationships. If you haven’t already, you must talk to him and tell him that you were upset and disappointed.

If you don’t talk to him, he might keep thinking you’re cool with how the relationship is going, but it definitely sounds like you are NOT!! Like I always say doll, first, honesty is the best policy and second, always keep it safe.

When Valentine’s Day rolls around, it’s always good not to set any expectations, honey, instead talk to your man! Plan out a night ahead of time, so no more surprises practices come up and then you won’t be let down, suga.



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