Today: Feb 29, 2024

It’s hard not to judge a book by its cover

Yousif Aziz – Staff Writer

In this era, the world continues to deal with people of all kinds. People get surprisingly different ideas and thoughts when dealing with other people in their lives. Judging people seems to be part of what we do. We judge them on lots of things, and of course people differ from one another. However, there is always judgment. It may be a positive judgment or a negative one, regardless of the outcome.

So let’s take an example and predict if this assumption is correct. You get out of your house for your daily routine, whether it’s work, school or just to enjoy nature. You automatically run to random people who live near you or who are just walking by. You look at people and the minute you see them, you automatically start judging them. You may not notice that you are, but it’s a natural instinct. For instance, you start judging their looks, what they are wearing, their height, their weight and everything you see about them.

Many of those judging people look for attractiveness. If you are a pleasant person, if you look great, if you are an attractive person, then perhaps they will see a place where you will fit into their lives.

So where do we see ourselves in the eyes of others? Are we the same people as we appear in the mirror in terms of physicality? There is always that question that goes around in my head that relates to most of us; do we look the same to others as we look at ourselves? People always question what others are thinking about them. People wish they could access the information of everyone around them who are judging, staring or just thinking about them.

Unfortunately, we are human beings. We cannot have access to other people’s minds. We won’t be able to see what they see. We won’t be able to tell if they are judging us positively or negatively. At this point, there is nothing you can do except allow yourself to accept reality as it is. Who knows, maybe someday technology will get to that level where we can read what others think of us. It wouldn’t be the same because you will see the truth.

The best lesson that can be taken away from this is to accept that judging is normal and people will always practice doing it, whether we like it or not. In all types of situations and judgments, people should accept a good judgment and avoid the negative. Although negative judgment could tell you about how others view you and it could show you different opinions from different people. “I am me and that’s who I am.”

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