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Stay organized with these DIY ideas

Photo Courtesy | Keeping tabs on power chords is a fun way to stay organized.

Mackenzie Hurlbert – Copy Editor

Organization and cleanliness are the two plagues of every student’s dorm life. With so many clothes, cords, shoes and books cramped in such a small space, how is anyone supposed to achieve even a mild level of organization and cleanliness? How does Mom do it?!  Here are a few easy and helpful hints to get organized, and most of them are absolutely free to do.

Organize those charger cords: The back of my desk looks like a mess of jungle vines. I have cords coming from my laptop, printer, desk lamp, fish tank and alarm clock. When I need to find the plug of my laptop charger for when I go home for the weekend, I have

Photo Courtesy | unplugged.comKeeping tabs on power chords is a fun way to stay organized.
Photo Courtesy |
Keeping tabs on power chords is a fun way to stay organized.

to climb under my desk and try to trace which cord it could be. In order to avoid messes like this, I found a neat idea online that uses the plastic tags from bread bags to label which cord is which.

Stains: Now to stay clean and avoid damage bills from your RA. Shaving cream and cornstarch are useful when trying to remove carpet or furniture stains, and rubbing a walnut on scuffed wood can get rid of the scuff.

Computer: When cleaning your computer, use a hair dryer to blow out any crumbs or dust in the keyboard, and q-tips to clean out the USB port. Also, a coffee filter can be used to easily clean your laptop screen without leaving behind any lint.

Yourself: We all can get a bit messy at times, so here are some ways in which we can spruce ourselves up without spending too much. If your nails are yellow because of leaving your nail polish on for too long, use toothpaste to clear them up. If your hair looks a little greasy and you are in a rush, use a fluffy make-up brush and put a little powder on your roots then shake the excess off. The powder will soak up the grease. If you have dandruff, make a mixture that’s 2/3 brown sugar and 1/3 conditioner and scrub your scalp with it. Leave it in for three minutes before rinsing it out. Use non-whitening toothpaste to clear up zits, and if you run out of shaving cream, you can use your conditioner to get a similar effect.

I hope some of these tips may prove useful and organize or clean your dorm. Who knew a thing like shaving cream would remove a stain or that brown sugar can cure dandruff?! Whatever the case may be, these are a few simple and cheap solutions for everyday problems, and hopefully they prove to be effective.

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