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The Super Bowl craze: The game or the commercials, what’s better?

Photo Courtesy | Doritos “Sling Baby” 2012

Robin GlynnGeneral Assignment Reporter

With millions tuning in to watch the Ravens win the Super Bowl or to watch Beyoncé sing live at the halftime show, many like to watch the commercials and to see whatever everyone will be talking about besides the game. Here are some of the all-time favorite Super Bowl Commercials:

Coca Cola and “Mean” Joe Green, 1979- This classic commercial features Pittsburgh Steelers’ “Mean” Joe Greene limping to the locker room as a kid stops him to offer him a Coke. Greene takes and gives the kid a gift in return.

Photo Courtesy | Budweiser Frogs, 1995.
Photo Courtesy |
Budweiser Frogs, 1995.

Apple, 1984- This commercial made everyone talk. A take George Orwell’s novel “1984,” countless people are brainwashed as they sit watching a propaganda video set in the future as a woman races towards the big screen and tosses a sledgehammer through it.

Wendy’s ‘Where’s The Beef,’ 1984- Do you find yourself saying this about fast food burgers today? The commercial was popular because grandmother’s looking at different burgers and asking the memorable tagline, “Where’s the beef?!”

Pepsi and Cindy Crawford, 1992- 90’s sex symbol Cindy Crawford stars in this commercials as a beautiful stranger who pulls up to a Pepsi machine in some dusty American town. As she pops the top on a can and begins to drink, a pair of boys drool over…the new look of the Pepsi can.

McDonald’s Michael Jordan and Larry Bird’s shooting contest, 1993- This famous commercial features two of basketball’s biggest stars trading shots in a showdown that played on their rivalry. The commercial features increasingly ridiculous shots, which ends with the Jordan saying “Off the expressway, over the river, off the billboard, through the window, off the wall, nothing but net” shot.

Budweiser frogs, 1995- ‘Bud…Weis…Er.’ One of the catchiest ads in Super Bowl history, the “Budweiser Frogs” commercial became a household name. Three frogs take turns croaking out the syllables of their beer in the commercial.

Budweiser, 2000- The ‘Wassup’ phrase became part of our culture after airing. The dialogue wasn’t extensive but, then again, it didn’t really have to be. The connection between the friends in the commercial gave every guy watching the sense that they’d like to just be “chillin’…watching the game…havin’ a Bud.”

Snickers, 2010- ‘You’re not hungry, ‘til your hungry.’ Betty White stole the show in 2010 in this rip-roaring spot from Snickers. In the commercial, young guys are playing football and one gets tackled. The others tell the one who got tackled he’s playing like “Betty White.” After a bite of a Snickers, Betty White transforms into a man. The commercial ends with actor Abe Vigoda getting tackled.

Volkswagen, “Young Vader,” 2011- How cool would it be to use “the force” to control your everyday surroundings? One young Darth Vader fan finds out thanks to the innovative mechanics of the Volkswagen Passat. Even though this commercial was from 2011, it still has the potential to become a classic.

Doritos “Sling Baby,” 2012- When this commercial aired, people were talking about it instantly. In this commercial, a little boy starts out teasing that he has the Doritos and no one can have them. Leave it to grandma to figure out a way to get the Doritos. A baby is sitting in a Johnny Jump Up. Grandma pulls him back and when they are enough, the baby gives her a thumbs up and she lets him go. The baby reaches out and grabs the bag of Doritos from his brother. Grandma and the little boy smile and enjoy.

Photo Courtesy |  Doritos “Sling Baby” 2012
Photo Courtesy |
Doritos “Sling Baby” 2012

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