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Music Review: Destiny’s Child – Love Songs

Tamika Alexander – Arts and Entertainment Editor

Destiny’s Child

Love Songs


One of America’s favorite girl groups has released a new album. Destiny’s Child has put out a new disc with some newly recorded songs as well as some re-released music. Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle parted ways a few years back to pursue solo careers of their own. This album is a compilation of the group’s best romantic recordings. Luckily, for fans like me this album has some of my favorite songs.

1. “Cater 2 U”– Originally from Destiny’s Child’s fourth album Destiny Fulfilled, “Cater 2 U” is one of my all-time favorite songs. No matter how much I hear this song, I can’t get sick of this song. It’s sexy, sweet and that’s what the group portrays.

2. “Killing Time”- This is one of the newly released songs by the girl group. I was anxious to hear new music from the group and this song was just what I needed to hear.

3. “Second Nature”– This slow, sultry song reminds me of the 90’s girl groups that we miss. It’s classic, it’s original and it’s smooth. The vocals are simple and not overdone.

4. “Heaven”– Kelly Rowland has shown her skills as an individual and as a solo artist. She sung this solo piece and showed exactly why–with or without the group–her success is unlimited. The song is soft and slow and a perfect compilation for her.

5. “Now That She’s Gone”– Here’s an oldie but goodie. This song is off of an already released album. It’s another good listen.

6. “Brown Eyes”– This is another re-released song from the trio. When the song originally came out, I didn’t listen to it much. It’s not one of my favorite songs from the group but it is still very popular.

7. “If”– Michelle showed her vocal abilities on this re-released song. It’s one of the strongest and realest song the group has ever put out.

8. “Emotion”– When this song first came out in 2001, it wasn’t one of my favorites. Now that it has been released again, it’s still not one of my favorites, but I can at least listen to it without skipping to the next song right away.

9. “If You Leave feat. Next”– When this song came out years ago, with the guy group “Next,” I thought it was a well-thought out collaboration. It was sexy and added to the appeal of the actual song and lyrics. Now years later, I can still listen to this song as if it’s brand new and was never released before.

10. “T-Shirt”– Now this song, to me, is on the same level as “Cater 2 U.” I absolutely love this song. It has a romantic and sexy vibe to it. Beyonce, of course the lead singer, has all the sex appeal in the world and has no problem perfecting a song like this.

11. “Temptation”– Here’s another sexy re-released song from Destiny’s Child. I can’t remember what album this song was originally on, but I do know it was one of the ones I listened to the most. Even after not hearing this song for years, I still can sing this song word for word.

12. “Say My Name feat. Static (Timberland Remix)”– The original “Say My Name” song came out in 1999 off the group’s second album, “The Writings on the Wall.” This song was recorded with the original group with LaToya Luckett and Latavia Pickett. I remember this being one of the biggest songs out in middle school; I don’t really like this remake though. I feel like some things just shouldn’t be changed and this is one of them.

13. “Love”– I remember this song; it’s another oldie but goodie. Like “Brown Eyes,” it’s not one of my most listened to songs, but it was put on this album for a reason. I’m sure they received some positive feedback and that’s why it was re-released.

14. “Nuclear”– This is the latest single released from Destiny’s Child. Right away, I was anxious to hear this song since it has been years since they’ve released any music as a group. When I first heard this song I didn’t like it but I will say it has grown on me.

4.5 out of 5 owls

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