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Campus groups go social to get the word out to students

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Robin Glynn – General Assignment Reporter

Social media on campus gives people the opportunity to be involved with what is going on, and it also gives the opportunity to enjoy events from smartphones.

“It is a new way to see stuff being promoted,” said Taylor Dunnigan, social media coordinator for the Lyman Center. “We try to link with other Facebook and Twitter users to retweet other.”

Dunnigan said the use of social media is a helpful new way of reaching people.

“We try to do a good job to reach residence halls,” said Dunnigan.

Dunnigan said the way the Lyman Center utilizes Facebook and Twitter is that it attempts to link with other Facebook and Twitter users to retweet others.

According to Larry Tomascak, director for the Lyman Center, the idea with social media is to start a conversation and to try to create a dialogue.

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“There are three parts to social media,” said Tomascak. “The first is building an audience. Second, using social media. Third, analyzing social media use.”

Tomascak said the Lyman Center is in the early stages of social media, and while they are using social media to promote events at the Lyman Center or Southern, there is more that can be done to utilize the platform they have.

“More could be done,” said Tomascak.

The Lyman Center is currently promoting W. Kamau Bell. As part of their promotion for the event, the Lyman Center has tweeted a video and retweeted tweets from Bell, as well as posting links and information on its Facebook page.

Tomascak said it helps when an artist is using social media because they are saying when and where they will be.

Tomascak said that more marketing could be done, including tweeting pictures of the artist that will be performing as they arrive, as well as trucks arriving for a musical artist in which the stage has to be set up.

Tomascak said after marketing can be done as well, including asking people attending shows to tweet.

A feature that the Lyman Center offers on Facebook is buying tickets for events online, instead of going to the box office or buying at the Lyman Center website.

The Athletic Department also uses social media to share sporting events with people. Michael Kobylanski, associate director of Athletics and Communications, said the department also uses Instagram a bit.

“We realize social media is important,” said Kobylanski.

Kobylanski said the department utilizes social media. Recap story links are posted on its Facebook page and tweet the links for the story, as well as retweet updated tweets from @Northeast-10. Video clips are posted on YouTube of events, such as swimming, basketball and gymnastics, and interviews with players.

Kobylanski and Tomascak said they have had no problems with using social media.

“It is a seamless process,” said Kobylanski. “It takes teamwork to make sure the information is out when they want.”

The athletic department is updating their social media with updates on events frequently.

“We do a good job,” said Kobylanski. “We are up to do with accurate information. We are very pleased with social media.”

There are departments or organizations Kobylanski and Tomascak say do not utilize social media to their benefit.

“Any organization, whether they are on campus or not, should try to utilize their brand and message, said Kobylanski. “It is best to utilize what they have to get their message out.”

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